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A normal faucet and a pull-out faucet, which you think is the most suitable for you?

Decoration design, in addition to soft and hard furnishings, the choice of hardware accessories should not be ignored.
Take the hardware in the faucet, active in the kitchen and bathroom space, can increase the functionality and practicality of the two spaces, to improve the quality of life of the occupants.
However, many residents in the home space to select faucets, will be caught in a tangled situation, do not know to choose a good mix and affordable ordinary faucet, or sophisticated and convenient pull-out faucet, a lot of time wasted, affecting the mood of moving in.
So how should I choose it? What is the difference between a normal faucet and a pull-out faucet?



01、Analysis of the two
Ordinary faucet
Ordinary faucet, is in a good choice of size and material, fixed installation in the sink and basin above, can not pull, and can not expand the flushing range of faucet.
The material is divided into copper alloy faucet, stainless steel faucet, plastic faucet, etc., can be used with different styles of kitchen and bathroom space.
In addition to the material, its control method is also more diverse, divided into single-handle single control, double-handle double control and single-handle double control, you can freely choose its water temperature and the way the water, choose more cost-effective.

Pull-out faucet
Pull-out faucet, as the name implies is that it faucet connected to the hose part is free to pull out, can control the water range, size, and height, relatively in the use of the process, will be more flexible and convenient.
When selecting, the main focus on the faucet pull-out tube and spool, these two points determine whether the pull-out tube is good or not.
Material and ordinary faucet, there are stainless steel, copper alloy, zinc alloy and other options, generally speaking, it is more versatile than ordinary faucet.
In addition to the pull-out, it is the biggest difference with ordinary faucets is that it is also multi-type and can be freely switched, there are water injection type water and shower type water, can meet the different water needs in life.

02、Comparison between the two
Performance comparison
Ordinary faucet: only with a simple water function, can not control the direction of the faucet and the range of water, can be switched through the dual control of hot and cold water, through the degree of switch to control the size of the water, but can not a faucet with a variety of water mode.
Pull-out faucet: pull-out faucet in addition to the traditional faucet water function, but also free to pull, or even 360 ° rotate the direction of the faucet, where you want to flush, basically in the use of the process, the scope of water is not limited.
Moreover, a pull-out faucet can switch two water temperatures in addition to different ways of water, column, slice, or shower type, very practical.

Convenience comparison
Ordinary faucet: because the ordinary faucet is fixed, so in the usual process of washing hair, washing vegetables, washing clothes, it is easy to control the amount of water because of poor water, and the splash everywhere, and in the process of cleaning the sink, there will be cleaning is not in place.
Pull-out faucet: whether in the kitchen, or bathroom, pull-out faucet in the adaptability are very high, does not limit the user height, basin and sink size, can be multi-angle pull and flush, can solve the problem of ordinary faucet can not solve.
Durability comparison
Ordinary faucet: generally speaking, good quality ordinary faucet, such as stainless steel and copper, as long as the installation is installed, there is no leakage, that basically can be used for a long time.

Pull-out faucet: pull-out faucet is convenient, but because the pull-out tube needs to be pulled out often, easy to wear and knot, over time, the pull-out tube will be difficult to reset and bend, durability is relatively poor compared to good ordinary faucet.
The above is the comparison of ordinary faucets and pull-out faucets in this issue, as a frequently used hardware in life, whether pull-out or ordinary, in fact, it does not hurt to tangle more, after all, only a good comparison, in order to choose the one that suits you to improve the quality of life.