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Break 40 Billion! Jomoo Brand Value is No.1 in Sanitary Industry for 9 Consecutive Years

Originally created by Huang Xianjie Kitchen & Bathroom News

On August 5, the World Brand Lab, the world’s authoritative brand value assessment organization, released the 2020 China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands ranking in Beijing, and Jomoo joins Huawei, Gree, Tencent, Haier and other well-known global brands on the list. Among them, Jomoo was ranked first in the sanitary industry for nine consecutive years with 40.265 billion yuan, and became the first enterprise in the industry with a brand value of over 40 billion yuan.

The total value ofChina’s 500 Most Valuable Brandsin 2020 is 2,469.258 billion yuan, an increase of 2,821.025 billion yuan, or 12.90%, compared with last year. Professor Robert Mundell, chairman of the World Brand Lab and Nobel Prize winner in economics, said that from the perspective of output value, $4 trillion made in China is equal to about $2.3 trillion made in the United States, $1 trillion made in Japan and $800 billion made in Germany combined. But the growth of Chinese brands has not kept pace with Made in China.

Nonetheless, the success of Chinese brands has been well documented. According to a report on Chinese brands compiled by the World Brand Lab, the average value of the top 500 Chinese brands was 4.943 billion yuan in 2004, and the average value of the top 500 brands rose to 49.384 billion yuan by 2020, an increase of 899.07%. In the past nine years, Jomoo’s brand value has increased by 32 billion yuan.

The success of Jiumu’s brand is attributed to a clear understanding of brand development. When the company was established, Lin Xiaofa, chairman of Jomoo, advocated independent branding: “China is a developing country, a manufacturing power, and will be a creative power, so it is impossible not to have a brand.With the goal of buildingChina’s first-class sanitary brandandworld famous brand”, in the past 30 bertahun-tahun, Jomoo has insisted on independent innovation and established 5 production bases, 16 factories, 30 research institutes and more than 60 laboratories in the world, with more than 2000 employees. Technical innovation team.

Jomoo brand growth rate so fast, from the continuous innovation in technology, independent research and development of silky glaze technology, electric anti-bacterial washing technology, turbocharged flushing power technology, magnetic wireless charging technology, hydropower lighting technology, 5G bathroom, artificial intelligence, sensor technology and other innovative technologies to make it stand out in the competition with international brands. 5000 advanced patents, an average of one patent per day! The speed of Jiomu has helped it establish a leading position in the industry. Lin Xiaowei, vice president of Jomoo, said that Jomoo has surpassed the international average in key indicators of many products.

When the epidemic spread in the world this year, Jomoo, with its strong innovation ability, launched the i+ health intelligent toilet, which broke the traditional design of the toilet, opened up a third waterway for consumers in the toilet before, during and after the construction of pre-wetting inhibition of bacteria, water curtain sterilization flushing, 360 ° disinfection three consumer defense, effectively blocking the spread of bacteria and viruses. Once the product was released, lebih dari 3.3 million people watched it online, triggering the industry’s heated debate.

In order to let more consumers use antibacterial and antimicrobial sanitary products, Jomoo launched the largest subsidy activity in the history of the sanitary industry in March, announcing that it would subsidize 1 billion yuan for consumers who bought Jomoku sanitary products nationwide, and the whole product line would benefit all people at super low prices.

In this national fight against the epidemic, in addition to providing ultra-low price antibacterial and antimicrobial products for the benefit of all, Jomoo also stood on the front line of the fight against the epidemic. At the time of the epidemic, Jomoo’s resident service personnel took the initiative to enter the Wuhan Center for Disease Control and Prevention on January 23 to install intelligent sensor faucets at the doorstep, so as to reduce the path of virus transmission and safeguard the health of doctors and patients. Jomoo also donated 6,537 sets of sanitary materials to Wuhan hospital such as Lei Shen Shan Hospital, and Jomoo’sLei Shen Shan Hospital Equipment Installation Guarantee Teamcompleted the installation of nearly 6,000 sanitary products in 60 hours, writing theChinese Speedthat amazed the world.

In order to carry out research on epidemic prevention and control data prompting, visible disinfection technology research, contact-free technology in public places, smart toilets, audio toilets and cross-infection prevention technology research, Jomoo established the Global Public Health Research Institute in Beijing on July 31, which was highly affirmed by authoritative organizations such as the National Health Commission, China Center for Disease Control and Prevention and China Charity Federation.

According to Dr. Stephen Vogel, a professor at the University of Oxford’s Said Business School, one of the most meaningful things brands can do now to communicate their brands in the midst of the neo-crown pneumonia pandemic is to be helpful and empathetic. In order to inherit the national culture of craftsmanship and realizescience and technology for the benefit of the people and improve people’s livelihood”, on August 3, Jomoo also announced that it would hold the 815 Global Sanitary Ware Live Festival on August 15, “Technology Power, National Tide Bearer”, to createa new generation of sanitary ware”. Technology + Product + Pricecarnival feast.

The global economy has been hit by epidemics this year, but the development of Jomoo’s brand has maintained strong momentum. In May and July this year, Jomoo successfully entered the world-famous Summer Palace and the Palace Museum in Beijing. This is the second time Jomoo enters the world’s landmark buildings after the Bird’s Nest, the main venue of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, and Beijing Daxing International Airport, theSeven Wonders of the New World”. As a leader in China’s sanitary industry, Jomoo is making its own efforts to shape the image of China’s own brand and give the world a new understanding of Chinese manufacturing.



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