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The Bathroom Heater Not Getting Hot is Actually Because of This!

Xiao Xin Bathroom Headline

During the heating period, there are a lot of homes that have bathroom radiators that don’t heat up, which can affect the life of the family, but there are reasons why bathroom radiators don’t heat up. Today’s heating radiator editor to take you to understand.

First, how do you solve the problem of bathroom radiators that don’t heat up?

1. Bathroom radiators and pipes are all not hot. If you encounter such a situation, there are generally two reasons, either the heating valve is turned off, or the pipe is blocked or ruptured. First of all, you can go to the valve location to see if the valve is turned off, if you can not find the valve, you can seek property personnel to view. If it is blocked or rupture, you need to immediately ask a professional to repair, to prevent the emergence of serious consequences.
2. Only the heater is not hot. There are generally three reasons for this situation: the first is the heater’s temperature control valve is off, the second is the heater did not exhaust in a timely manner, the third is a foreign body in the middle of the heater. These three conditions need to be checked one by one. If the temperature control valve did not open, you can counterclockwise open the temperature control valve, and then observe whether the bathroom radiator is hot.

If the heater is not venting in time, you can take care of it yourself. First, close the home heating valve, prepare a water basin, easy to catch water, and then use the screw to send the deflate valve, listen carefully to the sound of gas discharge, if so, stop twisting. After the gas discharge will have water slowly outflow, observe whether the water flow is stable, if stable, you can close the deflator valve, observe whether the radiator becomes hot, if not, and then repeat the above steps, slowly warm up. This is the most common failure phenomenon, no need to panic.

If the above two cases are ruled out, that should be the bathroom radiator foreign body caused by the blockage, the need to find professionals to unblock, cut their own blind treatment, this will cause serious consequences.

3. The only part of the radiator is not hot. No need to be nervous in such a situation, if a group of radiators are not hot, may be because of uneven heating resistance, so that the water flow is also large and small, then you need to adjust the water intake valve of each radiator can be resolved. Because the heating system is related, so it may also be because of the upstairs and downstairs neighbors radiator problems, you can consult them, if we all have the same problem, you can find a professional for uniform maintenance.

There is another situation that is half hot and half not hot, resulting in this imaginary reason is bathroom radiators or pipes with a lot of excess air, as long as you can operate in accordance with the preceding exhaust steps, more than a few times can be put back to heat. Most of the bathroom radiator problems are here, and if you still can’t fix it well after passing these exhaust methods, you need to contact a professional repairer.

Second, how to buy a bathroom radiator?

Bathroom radiator as special household items, there is a risk of burst leakage, directly related to the family’s property security and normal life. So buy bathroom radiator is meticulous work, the bathroom radiator material to determine the purchase of the step, is also an important step, because the radiator material determines the radiator cooling performance, safety, reliability and service life. We determine a good bathroom radiator material and quantity, according to the room decoration style and personal preferences to resolve the radiator style and color.

Third, what is the lifespan of a bathroom heater?

Steel radiator life is generally about 5-10 years, copper and aluminum composite radiator life in 20-30 years. Due to the different raw materials used in radiators, resulting in radiator life is very different. To ask the radiator life is generally how long, different materials, different brands are not the same. But it is certain to choose a well-known brand of the radiator, the life of the bathroom radiator is at least known, and is higher than the life of ordinary radiators.

Bathroom radiator service life is closely related to the use of raw materials, in addition to the water quality and heating can not be separated from the relationship, radiator in complex water, more likely to be corroded. Of course, and collective heating or sub-family heating is also a great correlation, if it is sub-family heating, then the relative can use about ten years is no problem.

The use of the heater is everyone’s concern, if the heater is not hot, then we should find the reason in a timely manner, timely for the cause of failure to deal with, do not, therefore, affect the life of the family. The heater in the use of the process should pay attention to good maintenance work, pay attention to the choice of regular manufacturers of the production of the heater, so that the service life will be longer.



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