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What Causes a Faucet to Drip?

After using the faucet for several years, it started to leak, and drip. we wonder what could have caused this.

Causes for a faucet to drip can vary among the various types of faucets. So, let’s look at some of the possible causes for a faucet to drip. VIGA will answer the following reasons for you

Causes for a Faucet to Drip

A dripping faucet is not only annoying but can also get very costly if unattended. The following are some causes for a faucet to drip.

·Worn-out washer
·Damaged O-ring
·Corroded valve seat
·Old cartridge
·Irregular water pressure

Worn-out washer

This is by far the most common cause for a faucet to drip. Here, the drip is from the spout. Further, this occurs in compression faucets.

Damaged O-ring

An O-ring is a piece of equipment that is found in most cartridge faucets and it is one of the most common causes of a leaky faucet. The O-ring is used to seal any gaps between the internal parts of the faucet and the cartridge. When the O-ring fails, water can leak out through these gaps, causing issues with your bill and even damage to your cabinet if not discovered soon enough. This is another fix that you can do by yourself. Simply purchase a new O-ring and replace the bad one.

Corroded valve seat

The valve seat connects the faucet and the spout. When the valve seat corrodes, the faucet starts to drip around or beneath the handle. Often, building up of sediments cause this. An occasional clean up would be preventive action.

Old cartridge

A leak in a cartridge faucet could also be due to the cartridge itself, which may need to be replaced. You’ll need to make sure you have a matching replacement cartridge to swap it with.

Irregular water pressure

Although rare, fluctuating water pressure could cause a faucet to drip too. Also, such irregularities in water pressure could trigger much bigger problems. So, if the problem persists, it is best to inform your local water supplier about it.

Fixing a Dripping Faucet

it is better to find a professional plumber for the job. but, you can also do the job yourself as it is not so complicated. After all, it could be fun too.

there are two types of faucets out there. They are single handle, dual handles. Each has its own replacement parts and repair methods.

Before you start, turn off the water supply to the faucet. You would most likely find it underneath the sink. Next, make sure you plug the drain in your sink. If your sink doesn’t have a plug, you can use a cloth or rug. This is to make sure that no parts go down the drain. Now you are ready to begin.

Fixing O-ring For The Faucet

the faucet has one handle or swiveling arm to control both hot and cold water.

First, remove the handle. Sometimes you may have to pry off the handle and then unscrew. Next, use a wrench and remove the nut. Underneath, you will find the stem that sits on the O-ring, which in turn sits on the seat washer.

The seat washer can get worn out over time as it’s made of rubber. If your faucet is dripping from the spout. This is most likely the cause of it. But, if the dripping is from around the handles, you will need to replace the O-ring.


Fixing The Cartridge For the Faucet

The first step is to remove the cover cup by unscrewing and removing the handle. You will be able to identify it by looking at its cartridge.

Take the cartridge that you removed to the hardware store and get the exact replacement. Then, place the ceramic cartridge exactly where you removed it from. Afterward, assemble the handle as to how it was.

It is important that you turn the water on very slowly. Allowing the water to flow too forcefully could damage the ceramic cartridge.

and that’s it.

Maintaining Your Faucet

Faucets in general need very little maintenance. This is true especially for faucets made by leading manufacturers. Even so, you may still need to give a good shine from time to time.

To give your faucet a nice good shine, you can use window cleaner or soap on a soft cloth. Avoid using steel wool or rough soap pads with hard bristles to scrub the faucet as it may ruin its finish. Before using any cleaning agent, read the instructions to see if it would be suitable for your faucet.

To clean matte-finished faucets, you can use an aerosol or liquid furniture polish. Moreover, the furniture polish gives a nice uniform appearance and protects from fingerprints. This is due to the silicon oil found in the polish.

If you are in a hard water area, you are most likely already facing its challenges. Although it can be high in mineral content, it can also tend to clog up your faucet and drain. You can get rid of these mineral deposits by using vinegar. To elaborate further, you can soak the parts inside the faucet in vinegar for at least four hours. Thereafter, you can brush off the sediments using a toothbrush.

From time to time your faucet may need minor repairs. The common indicator that your faucet needs minor repairs is when it starts to drip. In most cases, a minor repairs has generally to do with changing the springs and washers. As you saw above, there are four types of faucets and each one of them has its own way of repairing.

In conclusion, there are some types of faucets that come sealed. Hence, they cannot be removed. In such situations, the only option is to replace the entire unit. When you do replace, make sure it is a model that can be removed.


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