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really! Thissuper single productclass shocked the ceramic world

ns, can continue to innovate and iterate, become classics that support enterprises, and help enterprises go through cycles.

Siksi, at this conference, every guest and content selection strives to bring a more professional and in-depth content feast to the audience from different dimensions.

After this year’s group ofpilgrimswent to Bologna, Italy for the exhibition, they had a strong idea in mind: to go to Bologna, Italy for exhibitions, or to de-Italianize.

But in fact, behind the Bologna exhibition in Italy is Milan. As the center of global fashion design, Milan is a symptom of Western centralism in the field of culture and art industry.

Siksi, whether it is now or in the future, the Product Manager Conference should still discuss:

How to reconstruct the logic of product operations? How to reshape product value? How to manage product life cycle? What did we learn from the Bologna exhibition?

We must continue to build our own product operation system based on the practice of the Chinese market and the capabilities of current companies, especially the capabilities of product managers.

There are 25% fewer exhibitors at Bologna this year than in 2019. Does this indicate a recession? Maybe a transformation?

According to statistics, the average unit price of our domestic exports in the first half of this year barely exceeded 8 US dollars, but the average unit price in Italy was 17 euros, and it is still growing.

Why is this so? As theoriginators of porcelain”, why are we so far apart? The important point is that Italy has been insisting on the creation ofsuper single products”.

I think the entire society is becoming decentralized and fragmented, and the real trend is being dispersed.

There are many trends in the market, and this trend refers to the concept ofsuper single productfrom a technical and brand perspective, which is a very important link in brand operations.

Today, let’s talk about industrial design from the perspective of product innovation to industrial innovation.

Industrial design is a method of discovering and solving problems. It is a way of design thinking born after the industrial revolution.

In enterprises, in addition to technological innovation, there is also design innovation. Both are two wings of enterprise innovation and development, and one is indispensable, especially now that technology is highly homogeneous.

For the ceramic industry, slate is a technologically homogeneous product, and design innovation will be even more important at this time. kuitenkin, the two need to be understood clearly. Different stages, different brands, and different types of products will have different focuses.

The most basic thinking of industrial design is people-centered, which is the methodology of industrial design.

When talking aboutsuper single product”, we can easily think of the Apple mobile phone, which is a revolutionary product. At this stage, almost all smartphones are basically the prototype of the first generation of Apple mobile phones.

Behind the Apple mobile phone, in fact, it has already changed the mobile phone industry, the mobile communications industry, and the computer industry. Siksi, Apple’s innovation is a system that has changed many industries.

And Dongling, a company in Foshan, increased its revenue from 360 million to 3.2 billion between 2000 ja 2005.

The turning point of the explosive growth was the establishment of Dongling Industrial Design Center in 2000. Design innovation was fully valued. They began to transform from a typical OEM company to ODM, and brought products that solved userspain points, boosting the company’s rapid development. increase.

There is also the IKEA side table. The price has remained at 49 yuan for 20 years. Through design innovation, the quality of the product’s internal structure such as load-bearing strength is ensured, and the cost can be well balanced.

The coffee brand Sanden and a Half attracts consumers by designing high-looking coffee cans, and then uses the business model ofrecycling coffee cans for peripheralsto seize userspain points and realize the export of the brand’s environmentally friendly value image.

Dongling has also designed and developed a two-in-one Western toast omelette machine, allowing the egg cooker and toaster originally priced at US$3 and US$4 to be upgraded to US$12 in one fell swoop.

This product was hailed as the coolest small kitchen appliance in Forbes magazine that year and became asuper single product.

It can be seen that from OEM to ODM to OBM to OSM, from sample processing to design, intervention, brand creation, and system integration, industrial design plays the role of system integrator here.

What is good design? There is a standard dimension that covers 9 aspects: innovation, leadership, humanities, environmental protection, interaction, public welfare, aesthetics, economy, and practicality. kuitenkin, not every product can have the above 9 dimensions at the same time.

Of course, product designers must have critical thinking skills. It is more important to have the courage to find faults and find solutions to them.

Wu Dong advocates product manager-level designers to participate in project establishment, competitive product analysis, user visits, definition of materials, structure, appearance, market positioning, selling price, pre-sales, in-sales, after-sales and other dimensions. .

Building a brand is not about shouting slogans. Everything is delivered to users based on products. Products are the best carriers to promote brands. Good products speak for themselves, so we need to think about what kind of information we can express through products.

Regarding product design, I don’t see myself as a designer, but more of a “creator.”

What I can share with you here is that we can create ceramic tile products through the combination of Eastern culture, because there is currently a huge space for high-quality, Eastern-style aesthetic products.

It also needs to be user-centered, understand their pain points, combine local culture, lifestyle and other factors to solve their pain points and create products that resonate with consumers.

The same goes back to the ceramic tile industry. We cannot say that foreign products are better than ours. The cultural background and living habits of foreign consumers are different from ours. If we build products based on domestic consumers, we will find that differentiation It can be formed like this.

In addition, product managers must not only pay attention to the industry, but also learn to penetrate and understand other industries across borders.

Seven years ago, the aesthetic pursuit of home decoration was flamboyant and showy, but today in 2023, people are pursuing more comfort and high-end.

In the span of seven years, the ceramic tile industry, which is closely related to home aesthetics, has also undergone tremendous changes.

Samaan aikaan, the plain ceramic tile category has also emerged as a super category in the past seven years. The expression of plain ceramic tiles in the artistic language of ceramic tiles such as color patterns and light touches has also had an impact on the aesthetics and design concepts of traditional ceramic tile products.



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