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A Big Change In German Contemporary And A Change In The President Of Lixil USA! And Then A Number Of Bathroom Company Executives Change

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Recently, the global sanitary industry and a wave of personnel movements: Germany’s contemporary due to third-party company strategic investment and name change, a number of turnover in senior positions; Lixil the new head of the United States, showing the importance of the American market; In addition, Kohler, VATTI, Jianlin, Abode and other companies have recently personnel actions. Since the beginning of this year, a number of sanitary ware companies have experienced continuous changes and adjustments in senior personnel, some for personal reasons, some to the age of retirement, but also job-hopping. But in any case, corporate personnel changes by operating conditions, future decision-making and capital forces, can be considered a norm, especially in the post-epidemic era, the sanitary ware enterprise faces a series of new challenges, the future of this action may also increase.


Former Grohe CFO To Serve As Chairman Of The German Contemporary Board Of Directors

On September 29, Germany Contemporary announced on its website that the German family-owned Knauf Group has become a strategic investor in the company, and that Contemporary’s corporate name, AloysF. Dornbracht GmbH & Co. KG, will be changed to Dornbracht AG. & Co. KG.

Following Knauf’s stake in Germany’s Contemporary, Stefan Gesing, 42, will become the new chairman of the board of Contemporary; Matthias Dornbracht, 59, will be promoted to chairman of the supervisory board, and he and his family remain one of Contemporary’s major shareholders; Andreas Dornbracht, 61, will sell his holdings in 50% of the shares and exit completely and focus on new ventures with the newly invested company. In addition, Alexander Dornbracht, 34, and Konstantin Dornbracht, 33, are now in the management of the company and the Contemporary family remains independent within the group.

Stefan Gesing

It is worth noting that Stefan Gesing, the new Chairman of the Board of Directors of Contemporary, was the CFO of Grohe at the beginning of 2019 and “jumped” to Contemporary a little over a year later. The positioning of the company is outstanding and reflects the strength of design and innovation. As the new man at the helm, Stefan Gesing’s responsibility is to drive the new company forward, building on the foundations of the existing one, so that the contemporary brand’s appeal continues to grow and the company’s quality standards and manufacturing strengths are further strengthened.


Change Of Management At Lixil USA

According to media reports, Lixil Group recently appointed Trey Northrup as leader of Lixil (LIXIL Americas), and Trey Northrup will continue to build an inclusive and diverse culture to improve the company’s operational efficiency and flexibility.

Trey Northrup

Trey Northrup, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Tennessee, spent nearly 20 years with Whirlpool Corporation before joining Lixil USA, where he held several leadership positions. Prior to that, Trey Northrup was responsible for Whirlpool’s JennAir brand and commercial laundry businesses, driving leaps in growth for those businesses. He was also responsible for commercial execution, new retail, sales and marketing.

Trey Northrup said he is honored to lead Lixil USA, especially at a critical time for both the company and the industry. “The world around us is changing and we must change with it. This new environment requires us to be more flexible and innovative to meet the changing needs of our customers and consumers.”

Bijoy Mohan, head of Lixil International (LIXIL), said that Lixil has been optimising its business model and culture, a process that has been further accelerated by the outbreak, and Trey Northrup is the right person to take Lixil on its journey to the Americas. He believes that Trey Northrup’s extensive experience in marketing and business, as well as his passion for the brand, will transform the way Lixil does business in the U.S. and unlock the brand’s potential in the marketplace.


New Kohler Power President

Previously, Kohler appointed Brian Melka as President of Kohler Power (Kohler Power), who will report to Kohler Group Chief Executive Officer David Kohler. As President of Kohler Power, Brian Melka will propose a comprehensive growth strategy for the company that will accelerate the growth of the global business and enhance profitability.

Brian Melka holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and a certification in international business from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.Brian Melka joined Kohler in 2013 as vice president of Kohler Engines Americas and was promoted in February 2019 to the position of President, Kohler Engines. In his role as President of Kohler Engines, Brian Melka leads the global growth of the business across the United States, China, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The power and engine business is another important business for Kohler outside of the kitchen and bath industry, with operations or sales networks in several countries, and with products such as lawn mowers, travel trailers and generators now available in China.


Abode Welcomes New Operations Manager

Abode, a division of the Norcros Group, has appointed Dave Wood as its new operations manager, a 26-year veteran of the industry who previously worked for the Grafton Group, a sanitary ware importer and builder, where he was responsible for the operational aspects of the business. The job.

Dave Wood says Abode is a great brand, well respected in the industry and has a reputation for quality and innovation with retailers and customers, and he’s excited to be a part of it.


Jianlin Homes names Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Manager and other senior positions

On August 29, Xiamen Jianlin Health & Home Co., Ltd. issued an announcement saying that the company’s board of directors approved a number of motions, including the election of Lv Lizhen as chairman of the company, the election of Wen Guoliang as vice chairman of the company, the reappointment of Chen Daihua as the company’s general manager, the reappointment of Tu Xuobin and Zhang Yisheng as the company’s vice general manager. According to the announcement, Lv Lizhen, Wen Guoliang and Chen Daihua are all Taiwanese nationals. Dai-Hua Chen has served as Executive Vice President, Director, General Manager and Group President of Jianlin since November 2000.


VATTI’s Board of Directors approved the hiring of Vice President

On September 16, VATTI Co. Ltd. released the “Announcement on the Appointment of Senior Management Personnel of the Company”, the ninth meeting of the seventh board of directors of the company considered and passed the “Proposal on the Appointment of Senior Management Personnel of the Company”, and agreed to appoint Wang Cao as the vice president of the company, the term of office from the date of consideration and approval at the ninth meeting of the seventh board of directors of the company to the date of expiration of the seventh board of directors.

According to the announcement, Wang Cao, 46 years old, has served as provincial manager of Midea Group’s household appliances division, regional manager of Fanta Group, general manager of Deyi’s northern region and general manager of Beijing branch, and marketing director of VATTI Co. Up to now, Wang Cao does not hold any shares in VATTI and does not have any relationship with shareholders holding more than 5% of the company’s shares, actual controllers, directors, supervisors and other senior management of the company.