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A List Of Must-Have Tiles To Perfect Your Bathroom

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The bathroom as a functional area used to wash, inevitably environmental moisture and other issues, so the floor tiles are generally recommended to use through the body tiles, anti-slip wear resistance, while the wall tiles are recommended to use glazed tiles, rich pattern, stain resistance. When selecting specific tiles should pay attention to the following points.


Water Absorption

Wet bathroom environment, select tiles should be selected low water absorption, in general, the better the quality of the tiles, the lower the rate of water absorption, so you can stay dry.

Selection Method: If the tiles do not directly indicate the water absorption rate, you can drop water in the back of the tiles, after a few minutes to inspect the degree of diffusion of water droplets, the less water absorption, that is, that the low rate of water absorption, better quality.

High water absorption of tiles by thermal expansion and contraction will lead to tile surface cracks and the whole wall tile spalling, the northern region of the bathroom decoration more need to pay attention to this problem.


Texture Density

You should choose a high numerical value in terms of the density of the texture. It is nothing more than a small piece of child brick.

Selection Method: from the side to observe whether the tile surface is flat, with or without uneven thickness of pinholes. At the same time, you can knock on the tiles, listen to the sound is crisp, the more crisp the sound, that the high texture density of tiles, hardness is better. Such tiles are laid to the bathroom space, not easily damaged, but also easy to maintain clean.



When selecting a bathroom choice floor tile, it is important to use a non-slip texture. Recommended the use of matte surface or shallow convex concave shape of the floor tiles, to increase the friction, in order to achieve non-slip effect.

Product packaging box should have a factory name, address, product name, after-sales service telephone, specifications, quantity, trademark, production date and the implementation of standards, for porcelain tiles, need to check the CCC certification mark, interior design decoration of the tiles, appropriate choice of radionuclides in line with class A requirements of the product.


Knock To Listen To The Sound

Gently tap the tiles, listen carefully to its sound, the better quality of the product sounds crisp and pleasant to the ear. Poor quality products due to improper formulation of raw materials, firing cycle is short, firing temperature is low, knocking will sound “hollow” sound.



Large cut tiles to highlight the pattern of large tool sense of quality, but in the smaller bathroom space, but will produce a sense of shortness of pressure, generally 20 cm, is more appropriate size. In particular, the space is not spacious small household pattern, the pattern of the bathroom is often very small, and the selection of white or light-colored tiles, can effectively enlarge the space, to create a fresh and simple bathroom.