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A new type of toilet comes out, subverting the traditional design. How many of these exotic toilets have you seen?

If your understanding of the toilet is just the toilet seat, it means that you have been abandoned by the times. Today, VIGA shows you different toilets.

Folding toilet
From the appearance, this type of folding toilet is particularly like a conch. It can be folded up and down. When it is needed, it can be put down. When it is not used, it can be folded up. If the toilet is equipped with such a toilet, at least it can. Saving half of the space is really practical.
In addition to the difference in appearance, the internal structure of the folding toilet is also different from the traditional toilet. It uses a unique U-shaped pipe design, and additionally installs an intelligent flushing system, which not only is particularly clean, but also comes with water saving effect. The flush hose and drain hose of the folding toilet are a kind of hose, so they can be bent and deformed at will.
When we put away the toilet, the connection between the U-shaped pipe and the sewage pipe inside the toilet will be disconnected. When in use, put the toilet down and the two will naturally be connected together. The shape is very simple. When used It is also very convenient.
This toilet uses a rounded and smooth design. When we sit on it, we will feel very comfortable. The use feels similar to traditional toilets, and there will be no uncomfortable. Folding toilets are also particularly convenient to clean because they are small in size and have no sanitary corners. The cleaning burden of housewives can be reduced a lot.
For small units, they are often blocked by the toilet when taking a shower, but when using this folding toilet, there will be no such troubles. It is really a weapon for small toilets.

In-wall toilet
The wall-mounted toilet uses a hidden water tank design, which has no contact with the ground, and can form a unique aesthetic in space. It often appears in various fashion magazines and home websites. Therefore, it is popular and favored by young domestic consumers. Today, the bathroom girl introduces you to this wall-mounted toilet.

Waterless toilet
As early as 2015, in order to promote and promote the waterless toilet, Bill Gates drank his purified toilet water in public
The waterless toilet does not require additional water to flush, and the waste water inside the toilet can be purified and recycled. The whole process is completely automatic, the lid will be automatically closed after going to the toilet, the bottom baffle of the toilet will rotate 270°, the feces will automatically fall down, and the scraper tool will automatically clean up the residue.
Manure enters the inside of the toilet, solid waste will sink to the bottom, and the waste in the liquid is absorbed by the ultra-fine nanofibers and transported to the condensation chamber through the water pipe.
The water is absorbed by silica gel-like round beads, turned into pure water by condensed steam, and then stored in a clean water tank through pipes. As for solid waste, the battery-driven mechanism cleans the residue out of the toilet, enters a separate container, and applies odor-inhibiting wax to wait for drying.
Technicians will regularly go to the community every week to remove solid waste and excess wastewater. The solid waste will eventually be sent to the heat treatment plant to burn and provide energy for the community. If necessary, the battery will be replaced. Residents can also use the converted water to water plants, wash clothes, cook and bathe

Foot toilet
New induction smart toilet designed by Kim Hyeonseok. In addition to the normal induction sliding toilet lid function, the foot pedal will automatically pop up. The foot pedal here can intelligently adjust the height according to the height of the user, so that the user can use the toilet in the most comfortable state, and can also help children use the toilet independently. In addition, the toilet lid has a display screen, which can display the current time, date, user’s heart rate monitoring and other health detection data. Householdization and intelligence are also a trend in the future development of toilets.

Portable toilet
The portable portable toilet miniLET designed by Nendo Studio in Japan can meet people’s needs for toilets when traveling, outdoors, or in emergencies. This backpack simplifies the toilet into six parts, including toilet seats, aluminum tubes, nylon tent cloth, pocket toilet paper, garbage bags and coagulant, subverting the general impression of “toilet”. Lightweight aluminum rods and C-shaped cushions can be used to form a simple seat, and nylon cloth or an umbrella can protect people’s privacy when they use the toilet.

Double sex sterile toilet
The two-sex sterile toilet designed by Young Sang Eun combines the toilet and urinal into one, and the two modes can be switched with a light press of a button. In addition, this toilet uses steam and ultraviolet disinfection to make the toilet extremely clean, avoiding the embarrassment of people daring to use the toilet because of bacteria. This toilet design without gender differences and high cleanliness is likely to become the trend product of the gender-free public toilets in the future.

Lifting toilet
Height Adjustable Water Closet designed by designer Isvea Eurasia, adjustable height toilet. The toilet looks like a pocket elevator. There are two up and down arrow buttons on the panel behind the toilet. Press up, the height of the toilet will increase, otherwise, it will decrease, the adjustment range is 25CM. This design meets the toilet needs of members of different heights in family life and is particularly friendly to children.
Help the toilet
With the increase of age and the decline of physique, even small things such as squatting and standing up will make the elderly feel that their legs are suffering. To this end, designers launched this “help” toilet for the elderly. It is equipped with a toilet seat that relies on liquid to provide energy. Whenever you need to stand up, it automatically provides a certain amount of power to help the elderly stand up more easily.

2 in 1 toilet
In addition to saving water resources, saving space is also the trend of toilet design in the future. ACT Studio designed this bathroom 2-in-1 toilet, with the function of shrinking-expanding. The clever design combines the toilet and the wash basin. The user can choose to use the washbasin or toilet by rotating the washbasin stand, and the water used in the washbasin can be automatically used to flush the toilet, which saves space and saves Water resources.

Washing machine toilet
The same is the pursuit of secondary use of water resources, this toilet design washing machine above the toilet tank, make full use of laundry water. In addition to saving water resources and space, it can also increase the height of the drum washing machine, so that it does not need to bend down during operation.



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