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Addressing Service Deficiencies Helps Faucet Brands Improve Economic Efficiency

In the service economy, the importance of service is evident. Relevant research data show that a 1% improvement in the quality of service of enterprises can increase economic efficiency by 10%.

In the era of service economy, the importance of service is self-evident. Relevant research data show that the enterprise’s service quality by 1%, economic benefits can be increased by 10%. At present, the faucet market after-sales service mainly exist three major defects, faucet enterprises if in the premise of ensuring product quality, will service defects one by one, in winning the trust of consumers, but also can greatly enhance their own profitability.

Resolve service defects, help faucet brand to enhance economic efficiency (picture source network)


Complaint Content Makes Consumers Repeat It Again And Again

When a complaint is made, the most important thing consumers want to hear is a phone call to resolve the issue. What kind of state would you be in if you changed 100 customer service agents, but you were always asked to repeat exactly what happened? Not to mention the internal handling of discounted merchandise confusion and long periods of time without goods. A new customer service staff does not know how to solve the problem, but every time the consumer has to repeat the situation to express the demand, change no one can stand. The faucet enterprise internal perhaps should consider the establishment of customer service files, for the same consumer demand, record the handling of the situation from start to finish. Consumers want to hear good news about how to solve the problem, rather than asking questions and not knowing the status.


After Payment, Encounter The Manufacturer “Kicked The Ball”!

After paying a deposit or payment, being able to deliver at the agreed time is a basic service that a faucet company should provide. However, there are also many companies, due to the different internal division of labor, internal articulation problems, many consumers therefore face the fate of being kicked as a ball, or even need to become a supervisor, supervising the various links and departments to solve their own problems.

At present, the division of labor in faucet companies are very clear, the responsibility of sales, the factory is responsible for production and delivery, customer service is only responsible for dealing with after-sales issues. When the salesman completed the sign and submit orders for these internal work, as to why the factory did not receive customer orders or even after the customer’s product quality problems have nothing to do with it, sales of course, can not care on regardless, which caused the customer encountered problems after the “kick ball” dilemma. This enterprise internal process management is not smooth situation is often directly exposed to consumers, and need consumers to verify the information to urge processing, which is still common in many home furnishing enterprises. For faucet enterprises, perhaps should set up a single person responsible for the system, by the unified commissioner for a single consumer service, from sales, orders, to agreed delivery time and even later product quality problems, so that consumers who have paid the money to really enjoy the service.


Pre-Sales Is “God”, After-Sales No One Cares

Before placing an order, consumers can indeed experience the feeling of being treated as God, and after placing an order, once there is a problem, after-sales can not find people become many consumers’ dilemma. And why do consumers find it hard to find after-sales? The main reasons are as follows.

First, some enterprises emphasize sales and neglect service. Insufficient attention to after-sales service and insufficient staffing of after-sales service personnel have led to the failure to implement service commitments, and even after-sales calls have been difficult to get through.

Second, the main service is not clear, the problem arises after the consumer to find the production enterprises, transportation and installation personnel or dealers, in the main definition is not clear. Reporters learned that, due to the faucet enterprises mostly used distributors responsible for after-sales service mechanism, most of the phone service announced on the official website, only to provide consumers with specific regional distributors, and then dealers according to the specific problem that specific who to contact, often let consumers have “shirking” sense.

Third, the scope of after-sales service and the time limit is not clearly defined, resulting in disputes such as the warranty in the end is one year or two years and so on. For faucet enterprises, pre-sales will “sell good” is not a difficult task. If you want to make great strides, after-sales have to have “customer abuse me a thousand times, I treat customers like first love” spirit.

Today, consumers are paying more and more attention to consumer feelings, but in the faucet industry, most of the enterprise service awareness is still stuck in the past. Service economy era, who can do a good job of service, who will be the final winner.