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Stick-on Modern Brushed Steel Bathroom Hooks

In a bathroom, there is no prized accessory more important than the humble hook. Regardless of style or design, modern bathroom designers are on the hunt for hanging storage that is conveniently placed right where it is needed most. To give the customer what they want in practicality and still focus in high end style, these brushed steel hooks are going to be perfect. While you seemingly have endless amounts of options for hooks in the bathroom, few are going to have a more professional and sleek appeal than these ones.
Using a subtle design that offers a large hanging space and a subtle hook end that will keep towels, clothes or hanging brushes from falling off, these are great for use from towel hooks to bath accessory holders. Since these simply stick in place with a durable, water-resistant full back 3M adhesion pad, these can be placed anywhere that your customer wants them. They also will not damage your walls, shower tile, doors or anywhere else, making them the professional and go-to solution for hanging storage that can move as demands change. What more could they want?

•Modern bathroom towel hooks
•Brushed steel appearance for modern appeal
•Minimalistic and durable



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