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Entry-level Bathroom Hardware Vocabulary You Should Know

Do not know how to purchase good quality bathroom products and feel troubled? Viga teaches you to know good quality bathroom products.

What is EPDM?

Full name: Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer (abbreviation: EPDM)

its main characteristic is superior resistance to oxidation, ozone, and erosion.

As a high-quality inner tube material, it is healthy, odorless, pressure-proof and explosion-proof, and is widely used in hardware products such as hoses and shower tubes. Whether the inner tube of the hose is healthy and environmentally friendly directly affects the safety of daily drinking water. Please buy the inner tube of the EPDM if you buy a healthy hose!


What is SUS 304?

In the stainless steel family, the two commonly used models are 201 and 304. 201 contains high manganese, the surface is very bright and dark, and the high manganese contains rust easily. 304 contains more chromium, and its surface is matte and does not rust. The most important of the two is that the corrosion resistance is greatly different. The corrosion resistance of 201 is poor and the price is cheap.

304 is of good quality and expensive. The content of 304 nickel is 8-10%, and the content of chromium is 18-20%. Under normal circumstances, it will not rust. It is widely used in the industrial furniture decoration industry and food and medical industry. And “SUS” is a Japanese material standard, 304 stainless steel is a brand of stainless steel produced in accordance with American ASTM standards.

What is ABS?

ABS resin is a blend of acrylonitrile (A)-butadiene (B)-styrene (S) copolymer, the English name Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (abbreviated as ABS), the characteristics of the three components make it It has become a “high-quality, tough, and rigid” thermoplastic with good overall performance.

But with the increasing number of recycled plastics, how to avoid buying inferior recycled plastics? In terms of color and gloss, those with transparency are better than those with opacity, good gloss is better than no gloss, and oily and lubricious surfaces are better than dry surfaces. In addition, you can see the cross-section of the incision: the cross-section is rough and dull, and the material quality is poor. In bathroom products, ABS is mainly used to purchase shower and sewer products, the use period is longer and more assured!

What is 59% brass?

When it comes to brass, everyone must be familiar. Copper has a broad-spectrum antibacterial function, anti-bacteria, fungi, viruses, and dust mites. In the faucet angle valve products, the brass body is selected, which is healthy and environmentally friendly, and has good anti-pressure and explosion-proof performance. And today’s 59 brass, 59 does not mean that its copper content is 59, copper content in H59 brass is about 57.0% ~ 60.0%. As a cast brass, it avoids the phenomenon that there are many impurities in the copper sand, and it is prone to water leakage after production and processing.

What is ceramic cartridge?

The most feared thing about buying the angle valve nozzle is the problem of dripping, which is largely related to the selected spool product! Compared with plastic valve cores and iron valve cores, ceramic materials have high tensile strength, low deformation resistance, high-temperature resistance, low-temperature resistance, wear resistance, and non-corrosion characteristics, which determine the excellent sealing performance of ceramic materials. The ceramic valve core makes the faucet not easy to leak and drip water, and also achieves the purpose of environmental protection and water-saving.

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