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How Should The Curtain Box Be Designed?

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I don’t know if you find that it is easy to choose materials or directly copy or pile up materials based on subjective feelings in design, without really understanding the design meaning behind the application of materials. Take the window part of the design, in addition to the functional needs, how to coordinate with the design as a whole and play the aesthetic? This is to talk about the curtain and curtain box with the design.

Next, let’s discuss how to synchronize the design of the curtain box when doing the ceiling suspension. Mainly solve the following problems.

  1. Curtain box classification and practice process
  2. Curtain box materials and design points
  3. The difference between intelligent curtain box and ordinary curtain box



Curtain box classification and practice process

The most common and applied curtain boxes are divided into 2 categories according to the different ways of dealing with the ceiling: concealed and open type. The main difference is that the concealed type and the ceiling are designed in the wrong layer, while the open type and the ceiling are on the same plane.

  1. Concealed curtain box

The concealed curtain box is a wide groove reserved in the ceiling of the top part of the window, in which the curtain track or curtain rod is installed. The concealed curtain box assumes the dual function of articulating with the ceiling and hiding the curtain.

Usually the width of the single curtain design can be 150mm, while the width of the double curtain needs to be 200~250mm. The width is too small to facilitate the installation of the curtain rod, and too large to hide the effect of aesthetics. At the same time, it should be noted that the depth of the curtain box needs to be 200mm in order to play the role of hiding the curtain rod.

Concealed curtain box is currently the most common form of design we do, whether living room or bedroom, the use of this curtain box and the ceiling synchronous construction interface, you can achieve a natural transition, the entire space appears to be complete and generous.


  1. Open curtain box

Open curtain box is in the ceiling plane, make a wall through the length of the shade plate, installed curtain track or curtain rod in the shade plate.

When the height of the ceiling does not allow or design style needs, you can also use the open curtain box. We also need to take into account the practicality and aesthetics, the width of the single curtain design can be 150mm, and the double curtain needs to be 200~250mm, the depth of the side panel also needs to be no less than 200mm, in order to play a hidden effect on the curtain rod and curtain head.

Open type curtain box, usually in the bedroom application more, especially nowadays people’s favorite Scandinavian and modern style, in the design of the ceiling for the consideration of simplicity, the bedroom does not do the ceiling or in order to hide the central air conditioning only do partial ceiling, open type curtain box is a very good solution.



Curtain box materials and construction points


  1. Curtain box materials and specifications

The curtain box is usually completed in the same time when the carpenter does the ceiling construction, and the workers will also make a single charge for the curtain box according to the way it is connected to the ceiling and its length. Therefore, the materials used to make the curtain box are the same as those used for the ceiling.

(1) The base board of the curtain box has joinery board and flame retardant board according to different fireproof requirements, and the common size specification is 2440*1220mm, and the thickness is usually 18mm.

(2) Surface board according to the project budget and customer requirements, using the appropriate thickness of gypsum board is enough, the common specifications are 9.5mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, the size is 2400mm * 1200mm.

In some humid areas, gypsum board should be used moisture-proof and waterproof treatment, and need to pay attention to: the width of the curtain box is not large to avoid using small pieces of leftover material and use the cut whole board as far as possible to prevent cracks between the boards later and react on the latex paint.


  1. Curtain box design points

In terms of length, it should be noted that the shortest length of the curtain box should exceed the width of the window by 300mm, i.e. 150mm on each side. our conventional design, for the visual effect of wall integrity, will generally do the curtain box to the ends of the wall.

This practice allows the curtains to form a complete surface when closed, and also allows the curtains to be moved to both ends to ensure maximum window lighting after being pulled open.



  1. Notes on curtain box construction

(1) The curtain box must be accurate and straight when it is made and the bolt points must be properly positioned. The bottom plate of the curtain box against the wall must be close to the wall to avoid deformation later.

2) The installation of curtain track must be fixed on the keel of the base plate to ensure solidity.

3) In many hotel design will add light strip in the curtain box, we need to take into account in the design and reserve the light slot during the construction.



Curtain box of smart curtain

Nowadays, smart home has entered our life comprehensively, and become a must-have option for many young owners. We designers should of course keep up with the times and pay attention to the convenience and needs of users, especially the convenience and beauty of function realization should be taken into account.


  1. What are smart curtains?

Smart curtains are electric curtains with self-adjustment and control functions. The main function of the conventional smart curtains we contact is to open and close them by remote control. Through the wall panel or remote control of a key function, you can realize the curtain open and close automation, some brands of smart curtains also have a timer open and cell phone APP control function.


  1. Design considerations

When designing, you need to consider the size and weight of the motor used in the smart curtain. However, with the development of technology, nowadays the mainstream motor size is getting smaller and smaller, the width and length are within 70mm, fully applicable to the conventional curtain box, no special customization.

And the motor is also mostly side-mounted, avoiding the danger of lasting weight-bearing curtain box, usually about 1.5KG motor side-mounted will not have any impact on the curtain box.

Usually the length of the power cord of the smart curtain motor is about 1m, which is essential to facilitate the connection of the smart curtain socket, which is also a point that is easily ignored in the design.

If we can take into account whether the single or double track at the time of design and arrange the socket within the vertical line of the outer edge of the curtain box, we can make sure that the curtain can cover up the line and make the wall more beautiful.

In addition, we also need to determine whether the curtains are single or double open and the opening direction according to whether there is a column in the corner.

Finally, let’s summarize today’s key points.



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