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How to choose a good quality about brass mixer ?

We all know that home decoration is a very important thing, sometimes the choice of some decoration materials is also very important, especially in the choice of hardware appliances at home is very important, because these things are very troublesome later if they are used and broken, so we also want to talk to you today about the selection of faucets this thing.

Many people actually do not understand what things need to be paid attention to when selecting a faucet at home? In fact, for the material selection is also very more important, many people may choose copper faucets for aesthetic reasons, because the stainless steel faucets on the market now are very single style, but copper faucets can be a variety of shapes, so now copper faucets are also always more popular.

Catritage: The spool is the heart of the tap and the ceramic spool is the best spool.
You can choose according to the actual conditions of your bathroom and your personal preferences. The most common
The following are generally available:
Better quality products are used ceramic spool, with strong wear resistance, good sealing performance characteristics



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