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How To Choose The Bathroom Faucet? Recommended 2017 Sanitary Faucet Brands

In daily life, the number of faucets is the most use, so in the selection of faucets, quality is the key. But today’s market faucet brand, the variety of rich, functional diversity, uneven quality, consumers simply do not know what to do. In this regard, the editor of the famous faucet brand for you to recommend 2017 bathroom faucet top ten brands, to help you buy high quality faucet.


Moen is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality faucets, washbasins, and bathroom fittings, and Moen products are well known throughout North America and have a high buy-in rate.


TOTO’s new hydropower automatic sensor faucet uses water power to generate electricity, achieving real daily energy savings and effectively eliminating water waste! Phenomena.


Jomoo, one of the top ten brands of faucets, is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of sanitary ware products in China, and independently researches and produces a full range of products including sanitary ceramics, intelligent kitchen and bathroom, whole bathroom, kitchen and bathroom furniture, faucet and shower, kitchen and bathroom hardware, and Jomoo drying products.


Kohler is one of the oldest and largest family-owned companies in the U.S., producing Kohler bathtubs, washbasins, toilets, faucets and showerheads. 130 years later, Kohler is one of the world’s most familiar bathroom brands.


Hansgrohe is the world’s leading bathroom brand for faucets, showers, and sanitaryware, and its unique “air-injected” technology saves water without sacrificing the comfort and enjoyment of the bath.


Founded in 1992, Guangdong Chaoyang Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that researches, produces and sells advanced faucets, bathroom cabinets, flush valves, ceramic sanitary ware and sensor sanitary ware.


Bangu hardware production group has the most advanced intelligent hardware die-casting workshop in China, and has long been doing technical research and development and OEM & ODM for dozens of famous brands in China and abroad, including Jomoo, Dongpeng, VATTI, Orans, Oppein, Kohler, etc. Bangu people rely on the whole German hardware casting equipment, European design masters inspiration, European export quality control and a series of advantages, to provide quality kitchen hardware standard service for the Chinese people.


CAE bathroom was founded in 1989, now has an area of 120,000 square meters of professional production plant, the formation of dozens of imported from Europe, digital mechanical and manual monitoring of dual-mode bathroom production lines, as one of the largest bathroom production plants in China.

COSO bathroom originated in Germany, since 1993 came to China to create a professional bathroom production base, COSO bathroom on the basis of German industrial design philosophy, first-class materials, ergonomic benchmarks, mathematical space, rigorous manufacturing, rational approach to create the most logical beauty of the product, has won the support and recognition of the majority of consumers. After years of development, COSO has become a leading global brand in the health and sanitary industry.


Grohe is the world’s leading supplier and global exporter of sanitary products and systems, and was the first brand in the world to win the Red Dot Award for Best Design Team for Bathrooms, a master class in the industry and the top brand in home décor.