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How to choose the best bathtub for your bathroom?

Today I would like to show you how to buy bathtub faucets during the decoration process. We know that the bathtub faucet is used to match with the bathtub, so let’s first understand different design of the bathtubs.

Skirt-type bathtub, generally reserved for the location of the opening.

You can choose your favorite hardware set, according to the size of the aperture and the number of holes and then ask the manufacturer to open the hole, and then installed.

Freestanding bathtub, because there is no reserved position for any opening, generally with the floor bathtub faucet or wall-mounted bathtub faucet and split bathtub can be.

Embedded bathtub, generally use in the edge of the marble openings to install bathtub faucet five sets, also use wall-mounted bathtub faucet.



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