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How To Install The Bathroom Floor Drain? Four Simple Steps To Teach You!

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Floor drain is one of our necessary main materials. Its use not only makes the bathroom more convenient to use, but also makes our living environment more fresh and clean. Some homeowners may think that we only need to buy a good quality floor drain, but in fact, it is not. If you do not pay attention to the installation of the floor drain, it is easy to have a blocked drain and other phenomena. What is the correct practice of floor drain installation?

The correct practice of floor drain installation


Before installation, we need to prepare the floor drain and check whether it is new, damaged or not, and whether the accessories are complete. Then we have to check the inside of the drain to see if there are stains on the orifice and whether there is gravel and soil inside the pipe. If there is, we have to remove them in time, and then wrap the drain with a rag. This will prevent debris and garbage from falling into the drain. If the drain is too close to the ground, we should cut the drain short by an appropriate amount, so that the panel is slightly lower than the ground after the floor drain is installed.



Since its installation is to be carried out at the same time with the floor tiles, we can start to prepare for laying floor tiles and installing floor drains after the ground waterproofing is completed. The installation of the floor drain is not difficult, before installation, we have to choose the appropriate size of the floor drain. Wipe the cement on the back of the floor drain, align it with the water outlet, and then cover the floor drain panel.



In the ground construction, we have to leave a position for the floor drain in advance and wait for the installation, and we have to ensure that the position of the floor drain is lower than the height of the surrounding floor tiles, which is often said to be the slope of the flowing water treatment. The general treatment is to place the floor drain on the installation pipe, and then measure to determine the tile cutting size. Next, tiles are cut and then the floor drain is fixed. The tiles cut around the floor drain are tiled to form the slope of the downspout.



After it is installed, we also need to use a specific adhesive to fix it and bond it to the floor tiles. This will ensure that it will have a long service life and that the odor from the drain cannot be emitted through the gap. After that, we also need to accept the installation of the floor drain and check whether there is any debris falling into the water pipe, so as not to affect the normal use of the floor drain.



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