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In 2017, Faucet Enterprises Will Usher In A New Metamorphosis

In the past two years, in order to seek new profit growth points, faucet enterprises are following the changes in the general environment to explore new development models.

Along with China’s economic growth from high speed to low-speed change, the home building materials industry also entered the development of gear shift period. In the past two years, in order to seek new profit growth points, faucet enterprises are also following the changes in the general environment to explore new development models. Now, the new retail era has come, the trend of business model change, faucet enterprises also need to learn to grasp the new opportunities, to tap the new market.

In 2017, faucet enterprises will usher in a new metamorphosis (image source network)

Explore The “New Retail” Industry

There is no difference between the real and virtual economy, but there must be a difference between the old and the new. The new real economy is rapidly rising and generating huge social benefits. It can be said that Chinese people are already living in the new real economy. In the past 2016, the faucet industry actively explored the “new retail” industry, embraced the Internet, and realized the integration of online and offline. Into the new retail era, faucet industry leaders are seeking a breakthrough in business models. For the industry as a whole, it is this ” wind ” to promote the change of consumer trends, to open up a broader market pattern.

In Line With The Mobile Internet Trend

When the mobile Internet in the faucet industry deconstruction role is becoming more and more obvious, when the user’s awareness of consumer sovereignty and personalized needs grow more and more prominent, when the consumer upgrade has become an unstoppable trend, the market environment has changed dramatically, which are hostage to business to make changes. Focusing on the faucet industry itself, the traditional faucet business by the impact of e-commerce hand and foot. How to comply with the current new trends in the development of the faucet industry, become a new force in the development of the industry in 2017, which is the problem that each enterprise needs to think about.

Based On Big Data To Create Explosive

The future era will not be the era of IT, but the era of DT. Big data shows that the consumer group is changing. Young people are becoming the main consumer, close to young people’s ideas, adjust the business operation strategy. In the product development link, based on big data, create the ultimate pop-up. With standardized production, we can form an efficient and energetic supply and demand chain.

Rejuvenation Reshape Market Share

Rejuvenation strategy, that is, faucet companies need to understand the changing needs of young consumer groups. With the 80s, 90s gradually become the backbone of the consumption of faucet products, how to get this part of the consumer will become a faucet business needs to face the challenge. They do not stick to the design itself, more concerned about whether to understand the actual needs of young people. Unlike the previous generation, the young consumer group on the faucet product demand has not only limited to the appearance, price, quality and other traditional factors, service, experience is becoming one of the main reference factors for the purchase of faucets.

After years of development, the faucet industry has gone through the infantile period, the growth period, until now the mature period. 2017, the faucet industry ushered in a new starting point for development. In the context of deepening the transformation and upgrading, after exploration and practice, the faucet industry may usher in a new metamorphosis.



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