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Innovation Leads The Way, Primy 121st Canton Fair Highlights

The 121st Canton Fair opened on April 15 in Guangzhou Pazhou Complex, Primy with 2017 German Design Award works P-SINK and many innovative products “dressed up”, and it is highly anticipated during the exhibition!

Walking into the Primy pavilion, a fresh and natural feeling comes over you. The huge display poster on the backdrop wall blends the product with a waterfall in nature. Stereoscopic display effect makes people approach, as if you are in it, feel a comfortable and relaxed. The P-SINK sink, too, won the 2017 German National Design Award for its creative appearance and unique water dispensing method.

Meanwhile, the Primy pavilion is dedicated to the P-SINK water testing area. It offers exhibitors the opportunity to experience the hidden control switch that pops up at the touch of a button. By turning it left or right, you can easily adjust the water delivery method and water flow size. The hidden pull-out faucet in the sink can be switched between shower type and column type by pressing the button above the spout.

Primy insists on innovation, breaking the constraint of single color of stainless steel faucet, and creative application of color in the appearance of the product, red, black, white, rose gold and other popular colors perfectly combined with stainless steel products to meet the pursuit of modern people’s popular color. These innovative designs of appearance and function have attracted friends from around the world to stop and learn more about the exhibitors. In the detailed explanation of the reception staff, they greatly appreciated the function of the product, quality, but also on the consistent adherence to the Primy “green – health – stainless steel” brand philosophy is extremely recognized.

It is understood that this year’s Canton Fair, environmental creativity as the mainstream trend, exhibitors for environmental creative products also showed great interest. Primy products have always insisted on the choice of stainless steel material, from the production process to the manufacturing process, and then to the product development and design, are concerned about environmental protection and innovation. In recent years, it has won the German Red Dot Award, German National Design Award, China Red Star Design Award, Cotton Tree Award and many other domestic and international awards, leading the innovation and development of the industry!