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Is It Really Difficult To Choose A Bathroom Bathtub?

VIGA has introduced the purchasing skills of more important bathtubs in sanitary products.


Bathtubs are divided into non-skirted tubs and skirted tubs according to styles. The styles are heart-shaped, round, oval, rectangular, triangular, etc.; according to function, they are divided into ordinary bathtubs, massage bathtubs, etc., massage bathtubs include seat-bubble massage bathtubs, hydrotherapy massage Bathtubs, hydrotherapy air massage bathtubs, pulse massage bathtubs, etc.; cast iron bathtubs, acrylic bathtubs, steel bathtubs, wooden bathtubs, etc. according to the production materials.

Cast iron is the highest grade, followed by acrylic and steel plates. Ceramic bathtubs once dominated the world. At that time, most bathtubs were rectangular, and the difference was only in size. The shortcomings of lack of change have made it obsolete. At present, this type of bathtub has become increasingly unable to meet the changes in the family structure.

The acrylic bathtub has a large market share. The surface of acrylic material is polymethyl propionate, and the back is made of resin gypsum and glass fiber. Its advantages are that it is easy to form; good heat preservation performance; good gloss; lightweight and easy installation; and rich color variations.

Because of the above characteristics, acrylic bathtubs are relatively cheap. However, compared with the surface of ceramics and enamel, the disadvantages of this material are that it is easy to hang dirty, it is noisy when water is injected, has poor high-temperature resistance, is not wear-resistant, and the surface is easy to age and discolor

The cast iron bathtub has a long service life, is of high quality, and is easy to clean. Due to the thick cylinder wall, the heat preservation performance is also very good. Moreover, the cast iron cylinder has good gloss, and its service life is the longest among several cylinders. The cast iron bathtub has better acid and alkali resistance and abrasion resistance than similar products, and its weight is also considerable, so it is difficult to handle and install.

Because of many factors, the price of cast iron bathtubs is much more expensive than that of steel bathtubs, and the price is the most expensive.

he bathtub is made of a certain thickness of steel plate, the surface is plated with enamel, it is not easy to hang dirty, it is easy to clean, it is not easy to fade, the gloss is long-lasting, and it is easy to shape, and the cost is low. However, because the steel plate is thin, the firmness is not enough, the noise is large, the surface is easy to peel off, and the thermal insulation performance is not good, so some add thermal insulation layer.

The materials of the wooden bathtub are nanmu, cypress, oak, fir, pine, etc. The overall performance of the nanmu bath barrel is the best, but it is rarely seen on the market. Pine and cedar bathtubs are prone to moisture, blackening, and mildew, and their overall performance is poor.

The wooden bath barrel has the advantages of heat preservation, environmental protection, small footprint, easy cleaning, long life, easy installation, etc. The disadvantage is that it is easy to crack when it is dry for a long time, so if it is not used for a long time, put some water in the barrel.

The jacuzzi can use circulating water for hydromassage, but it needs electricity as an energy source. In addition to the high price of the jacuzzi, it not only requires a large bathroom area, but also has high requirements for water pressure, electricity, and installation. The pulse massage bathtub is equipped with a signal generator that simulates the human body’s frequency spectrum. The signal it sends is very similar to the human body’s frequency spectrum. It produces a resonance phenomenon and plays the role of activating the meridians.

In addition to the massage function, some bathtubs are also equipped with computer boards, which can be equipped with telephones, CD players and radios. Other bathtubs can be automatically cut off and filled with water under computer control.

How to choose

When choosing a bathtub, you should choose according to the size and layout of your bathroom. No matter how much you like a bathtub, but the bathroom cannot fit, there is no way. Of course, there are some tips for choosing a bathtub, so let’s look down slowly:

① Specific thickness. You can tap the bathtub to determine the thickness of the bathtub. The bathtub is thicker and naturally will not crack.

 ②Listen to the sound. Pay attention to the sound of the motor when buying a massage bathtub. When buying a high-end bathtub, it is best to “test the water”, listen to the sound, and try the temperature.

③Look at gloss. By looking at the surface gloss to understand the quality of the material, it is suitable for any kind of bathtub.

④The smoothness of the touch surface. It is suitable for steel and cast iron bathtubs, because both bathtubs need to be plated with enamel, and if the plating process is not good, subtle ripples will appear.

 ⑤Test firmness by pressing with hands and feet. The sturdiness of the bathtub is related to the quality and thickness of the material, which cannot be seen by visual inspection. You need to try it yourself, such as standing in, whether it feels sinking.

 ⑥Choose a bathtub that has passed 3C certification. If you choose a wooden bathtub, check whether there is cracking on the surface of the bathtub, whether the tightness of the metal band is appropriate, whether the scar is a live knot, or a dead knot (dead knots can easily cause water leakage).


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