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Chrome Plated Two Handles Concealed Basin Mixer

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Chrome Plated Two Handles Concealed Basin Mixer
Concelaed basin faucet with 2 handles is a very fashional and popular choice for hotel project. How to know what is a good quality in wall basin mixer?

These things you need to know:

1, Material of the in wall body, brass material is always a good option in producing faucets products, it is anti rusty, make sure your mixer won’t get rusty in the wall. You don’t want see rusty water coming out from you wall in bathroom.

2,Material of the flange, usually there is 2 material you can choose, stainless steel and brass, but remember, brass is the best choice you can find in the market, but you can’t read from the surface to confirm it brass or stainless steel, always check with the saler the material about the flange. Brass material last longer.

3,Check what brand of the aerator, make sure there is honey comb on the aerator, the water can touch with more air and become soft in this way.

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