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The Cumulative Shipment Of Smart Covers In Japan Reached 100 Million Units

The Cumulative Shipment Of Smart Covers In Japan Reached 100 Million Units

Japan Toilet Industry Association released news on July 26 that the cumulative shipments of smart covers in Japan reached 100 million units since the start of industry statistics until June 2022. The association said that the annual shipments of smart covers have continued to increase, exceeding 4 million units after 2013.

As of 2022, the penetration rate of smart covers in Japanese general households also exceeded 80%. The association says the use of smart covers is also being promoted in public uses such as office buildings, commercial facilities, hotels, and stations in Japan due to the favorable reviews of their comfort.

In 2022, an awareness survey conducted by the Japan Toilet Industry Association targeting users of smart toilets showed that 97% of people reached would like to continue using smart toilets in the future. In addition, 84% of people answered that they would not want to return to a life without a smart toilet, and 71% of people answered that they would use a smart toilet outside of their own home (at work, school, and outside the home) as long as it was set up, and that they would use it often. “The smart toilets are essential to users.

In recent years, especially after the outbreak of the epidemic, the attention of countries to toilet hygiene has increased significantly, led by Europe and the United States, and the demand for smart toilets in various countries such as Asia and the Middle East is also growing. The demand for intelligent toilets in the global market is growing year by year. Especially after the shortage of toilet paper in Europe and the United States in 2020, there is more attention to smart toilets and a sharp increase in demand. The market scale of smart toilets is expected to further expand in the future.

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