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The Size Of The Shower Partition Actually Refers To The Size Of The Shower Room

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In the bathroom decoration, in order not to let the bath affect other areas, the shower room has become one of the standard designs in almost every home. So, how much is the right size for a shower partition? How to measure the size of the shower room?

  1. What is the right size of shower partition?

1、The width of the shower room

The size of the width of the shower room is around 900*900mm. This will meet the needs of life. Of course, the minimum size should not be less than 800*800mm, because if it is less than 800mm, it will be limited for the human body to turn freely. I believe no one likes to turn around and hit the glass. If you are fat, it can be changed to 1000*1000mm, and you can adjust it according to the actual situation.

2、Shower room height

The ceiling of the ordinary family bathroom is basically around 2400mm, so the height of the words in 1800-2000mm can be. If your family has taller people, this height can be designed according to the height of the family. Here to remind you of the height of the shower appliance problem. If the height is too low, it is easy to splash water. If the height is too high, it will affect the aesthetics, so it depends on the actual user’s body position.

3、Distance from heating equipment

Bathroom heater, heating pad, and air heater are common heating equipment in the bathroom. The distance between the location of our shower and these heating devices is also a matter of concern. For example the bath bar, it is necessary to look at the entire bathroom area, not necessarily very designed in the shower room directly above. Location if very close to the shower room, it is easy to cause product aging.

Second, what are the ways to measure the size of the shower partition?

1、For the curved shower partition, only the outer dimensions of the stone base on both sides need to be measured. Especially for that kind of screen shower with wall aluminum, the actual result is usually reduced by 5 mm. But for the type of shower room with a glass clip, the actual result will be reduced by 2 mm. You must pay attention to these two details and do not need to set them aside to do too much bigger.

2、In the whole actual measurement, some house types will be tilted or sunken due to decoration and other reasons. At this point, the measurement should record the specific width of the upper and lower three positions. Choose one of the smallest sizes to give a custom shower.

3、When measuring, it is inevitable to encounter odd household types, such as: reinforcing the door, lengthening the tie rod, etc. If you encounter this type of special situation, you have to think about measuring the size of the abnormal area and determine the correct door opening orientation as well as the size of the door frame. This is all about the size of the shower partition and how to measure the size of the shower room. Shower cubicles are the mainstream design of the day and are very practical. I hope the above can help you to solve the problem of shower room design.



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