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The “Whole House Assembly”, To Force The C-Side Market! This Outfitter Fired The “First Shot.”

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On August 20, “The 9th Guangdong Construction Industrialization Products and Equipment Exhibition” opened in Guangzhou, with Vanke, CIMC and China Construction Technology Group focusing on the mainstream trend of the assembly type. U Choice, the industry’s leading residential assembly technology company, took part in the event with a selection of assembled bathroom, kitchen, smart door locks and other assembled components.

During the exhibition, U Choice Home also held a “Transformation for Love, Building a Dream – U Choice Whole House Assembly Strategy Launch” to show consumers the new U Choice home assembly strategy after the product upgrade, interior upgrade, market upgrade and philosophy upgrade. At a time when assembly construction is continuing to heat up and the trillion-dollar assembly market is about to enter an explosion, how does U Choice Home, which has released a new strategy, gain insight into trends and address challenges? We interviewed Wu Hua, General Manager of the Marketing Center of SeagullU Choice, and Fan Biao Whip, TO C Marketing Director of U Choice Suzhou.

U Choice Homes Booth


What products did U Choice exhibit at this year’s “Guangdong Construction Industrialization Products and Equipment Exhibition”? What are the features of the product?

Fan Biaobian: This year’s exhibition, U Choice home furnishings showcased a whole house through the whole house, including the assembly of the whole bathroom, the whole kitchen, living room and bedroom and other space scenes, presenting a complete home space for visitors. Space with the product, fully integrated after the epidemic users are highly concerned about the “health” elements, such as bathroom space, choose health attributes stronger bathroom products, customized for users of a healthy space. In addition to the whole bathroom products and the whole kitchen, U Choice also showcased a variety of high-value, high-grade products such as smart door locks and high-grade faucets.


In addition to a series of new products on display, U Choice Home Furnishings also held a conference to launch the “U Choice Whole House Assembly Strategy”. What is the background of this press conference? And what strategic changes have been revealed behind the launch of U Choice?

Wu Hua: In the background of consumer upgrade, consumers are pursuing high quality and comfortable home life, especially after the epidemic, consumers have more thoughts about home, become more passionate about home and life, and strive to create a comfortable home environment. Against this backdrop, we have upgraded our products, interiors, market and philosophy, and officially changed our name to U Choice Home (formerly known as U Choice System Sanitary Co., Ltd.) to enter a new stage of development this year.

Wuhua Announces U Choice Home’s Whole House Assembly Strategy

In terms of products, we have extended from the complete bathroom to the whole house to create products covering 10 whole house assembly system, and upgraded from simple bathroom production to research and development of industrialized solutions for residential interiors; in terms of market upgrade, we have expanded outward from the traditional B-end, positioned ourselves in the high-end home assembly market, and provided whole house assembly assembly service for the high-end C-end user group; in terms of concept, we have developed from the traditional B-end to the whole house. “Care for the home” upgraded to “love for the whole family”.

At present, at the product level, it has built 10 major house-integrated systems, including a complete bathroom system, a complete kitchen system, a customized wardrobe system and an integrated roof system; at the technical level, it has developed 10 major health science systems, including a home improvement infrastructure system, a healthy new air system, a customized home system and an intelligent security system; and it provides 7 major family scenes, such as bathroom space, kitchen space, living room space and bedroom space. System solutions. In the future, U Choice will not only care for the home, but also infuse “love” with the power of science and healthy humanistic care through advanced technology and design concepts to create a personalized, environmentally friendly, healthy, intelligent and comfortable home environment for users.

Wu Hua, General Manager Of Suzhou Seagullu Choice Home Technology Co.


As a manufacturing industry, product development and manufacturing is the core, what is U Choice Home’s current footprint in manufacturing? What progress has been made in the application of the product, especially in terms of collaboration with real estate companies?

Wu Hua: Nestle Home Furnishings belongs to the listed company “Guangzhou Seagull Housing Industry Co. At present, it has five R&D, design and manufacturing bases in Suzhou, Qingdao, Zhuhai, Foshan and Jiaxing, with an annual production capacity of 500,000 sets and marketing centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Suzhou, Jinan, Qingdao and other key cities nationwide. And has participated in the development of a number of important industry standards, including “100 years of residential building design regulations,” “technical standards for the interior decoration of the assembly,” “technical regulations for the interior assembly of residential decoration engineering,” “the application of the whole bathroom assembly technical regulations,” and other industry standards to lead the development of the bathroom industry.

Suzhou Manufacturing Base

U Choice Home & Bath

In recent years, U Choice has established strategic partnerships with more than 10 real estate companies such as Vanke, Longhu, Xuhui, China Resources Land, Luneng, Greenland Hong Kong Holdings Ltd Hong Kong and other companies. It has a good customer relationship and usage reputation in the fields of houses, apartments, hospitals, retirement and hotels.


After U Choice Home has been fully upgraded to a whole house assembly service provider, the service scope has also expanded from the B-side market to the C-side market. Is it a new business field to target the C-side market? What challenges do you see facing the C-suite market?

Fan Biaobian: At present, the development of the assembled whole assembly is still relatively smooth in the B-end market, and U Choice Home has reached strategic cooperation with Vanke, Longhu and many other real estate companies, as well as deep cooperation with many home improvement companies across the country. With the further development of the assembly type, there will also be a huge demand for commercial residential projects and other new areas in the C-side market in the future. However, the conversion of the assembly to the C-tier market is more difficult, and companies need to meet the quality and personalization while maintaining productivity, which requires a strong information system, mature supply chain system and service system behind it.

U Choice Home Marketing Center To C Marketing Director Fan Biaobian

U Choice Home has been plowing into the assembly field for many years, with products covering the whole bathroom, smart door locks, sanitary ware, shower room, whole house customization, storage space, etc., and in recent years has been continuously improving the whole house assembly assembly service model based on the whole industry chain. The next step will be to provide high-end and large home installation market, including high-end residential and glowing market, to provide high-end home improvement customers with integrated soft/hard installation, healthy ecological and humanistic home scene solutions, and strive to become the No.1 in the C-range high-end installation field.


In addition to U Choice home furnishings, Seagull Frida is also a subsidiary of Seagull Sumitomo, how do the two plan their development and what is the development of Seagull Frida in recent years?

Wu Hua: Seagull Fulunda is a one-stop service provider for the whole bathroom, which has achieved three series of mass production of SMC, color steel plate and tiles, customers can choose their own products according to different needs. With Seagull Sumitomo’s platform resources, we have built a powerful intelligent factory, intelligent production and intelligent logistics, with an annual production capacity of more than 500,000 standard sets, and established marketing centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Suzhou, Jinan, Qingdao, Zhengzhou and other key cities across the country.

Qingdao Manufacturing Base

In the business sector, Seagull has partnered with Vanke, Longhu, Xuhui, China Resources Land, Poly Real Estate, Luneng, Greenland Hong Kong Holdings Ltd Hong Kong, Excellence, and the Hong Kong Housing Authority. Real Estate Group Limited, Sunkwan Group, Yuexiu, Helenbergh Real Estate, Baoye, Kaisa Group, and Zhengshang Real Estate have entered into strategic partnerships with other real estate companies. The company has not only participated in Luneng Lead Show City, Zarsion Residence, New Bridge Style and other century residential projects, but also participated in Vanke City Light, Vanke Golden Mile, Vanke Charm City and other assembled building projects, and has also performed well in hotels, apartments, hospitals and other fields, and has been widely praised and recognized by customers.


The whole assembly and assembly are the hotspot in the home furnishing industry in recent years, and U Choice Home furnishing combines the two together to develop “whole house assembly”, how do you see the future of assembly?

Wu Hua: The market space for the assembled future is huge, and the market is entering an explosive period. On the one hand, from the policy drive, since 2016, the State Council, the Ministry of Housing and Construction and local governments have repeatedly issued relevant circulars, which stipulate the proportion of assembled buildings in new buildings, in order to promote the development of the industry. 2018, many provinces and cities are even more of the assembled building as the focus of work to grasp, incomplete statistics, there are more than 30 provinces and cities in the country have issued a special guidance on assembled buildings and related Supporting measures, more and more market players began to join the construction army of assembled buildings, giving rise to a huge market space. According to some data, the size of the assembly market is expected to reach 632.7 billion yuan in 2025, with an annualized compound growth rate of 38.26%, so the market capacity and investment space is huge.

On the other hand, assembly in the domestic market after many years of development, under the promotion of Seagull Sumitomo, U Choice Home and other assembly companies, the market cultivation of the whole assembly has been relatively mature, the acceptance of users of assembled buildings, assembled products, etc. has been relatively high, especially the new coronary pneumonia epidemic in 2020, so that people’s concern for health has increased unprecedentedly. The assembly period, health and environmental protection, quality assurance, easy to transform, etc., has the incomparable advantages of traditional products, is favored by users, the future prospects are very good.