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Sanitary brand dynamics

GROHE holds seminar on “3D Printing of Advanced Bathroom Accessories

GROHE is also the first European bathroom brand to launch a 3D printed faucet. Focusing on 3D printing in bathroom brassware design, the seminar explored how the application of GROHE’s 3D printing technology is providing interior architects and designers with new design ideas, as well as illustrating the more efficient use of raw materials and the positive sustainable impact of 3D printing on reducing CO2 emissions and saving water.


Roca launches “Smart by You” brand campaign

On July 20, Roca opened a brand campaign with the theme of “smart enjoyment by you”, through the three stages of smart bath space, smart bath players and smart bath era, from different angles to take consumers to experience the full range of smart products, consumers according to their own lifestyle to choose the most suitable smart bathroom products. At present, the brand activity is in the “clean space” stage, Roca and the question and answer community Zhihu launched an in-depth cooperation, through the battle live “clean” space discussion, so that consumers re-cognize the smart bathroom for their life needs. Significance.


TOTO Japan employee diagnosed with neo-coronary pneumonia

On July 27, TOTO announced on its website that an employee of the company’s TOTO Kansai Sales Co. in Osaka, Japan, has been diagnosed with neo-crown pneumonia. The employee underwent a PCR test on July 23 and was diagnosed positive for neo-coronavirus on the evening of July 24, and is currently recuperating at home. To prevent the spread of the outbreak, TOTO, under the guidance of the local health department, has announced three measures to be implemented with immediate effect: an investigation into the activities of the confirmed employee and any relevant close contacts; disinfection of the site by a professional organization; and instructions to close contacts to observe and confirm their health status at home.


New Director of Villeroy & Boch’s Bathroom and Health Division

As of August 1, 2020, Georg Lörz will succeed Andreas Pfeiffer as the new Director of Villeroy & Boch’s Bathroom and Wellness division, according to KBBREVIEW, which reports that Georg Lörz has a long career at Villeroy & Boch, where he worked from 2003 to 2008. & Boch has held a number of positions, including head of sales and marketing for the bathroom and wellness division. Most recently, Georg Lörz founded the werkbad Group, a company specialising in customised bathroom furniture.


Jomoo founds the Global Institute for Public Health & Wellness

On July 31, the National Brand Office of Xinhua News Agency and Jomoo jointly launched the public welfare action and seminar of “Protecting the Nation – Healthy China”, at which the Jomoo Global Public Health Research Institute was established and the public welfare action of “Protecting the Nation – Healthy China” was launched. This time, Jomoo initiated the establishment of a research institute focusing on the field of global public health, which will focus on energy saving, smart toilets, audio toilets, research on cross-infection prevention technology, epidemic prevention and control data alert, visible disinfection technology, and contact-free technology in public places.


Hegii’s “Quality and Beauty in China – Searching for Beauty” City Experience Tour Kicked Off

On July 29th, Hegii and Netease joined hands to create the “Quality and Beauty China – Seeking Beauty” city experience trip in Park Hyatt Hotel, Suzhou. As a brand new upgrade of Hegii 2020 designers’ activities, Hegii’s “Quality and Beauty in China – Seeking Beauty”, which started in Suzhou, was held in the “Quality and Beauty in China – Design Open Class”. “Hegii Group Senior Vice President of Marketing Ruan Weihua said, from when the trend of a product to the ten thousand a product, Hegii to highlight the design of texture, quality to help the new national voice. 2020, Hegii will also continue to high-quality products and services, hand in hand with designer friends, to create “Quality and Beauty China”.


Huida entered into a strategic cooperation with Shanghai Construction Engineering Real Estate

On July 31, Huida and Shanghai Construction Engineering Real Estate strategic signing ceremony was held in Shanghai. Huida bathroom president Wang Yanqing said, Huida and Shanghai construction real estate is not only similar in concept, but also in real estate construction has strong complementarity and compatibility! Shanghai Construction Engineering Real Estate and Huida have joined forces to provide strong support and services for the “New Opportunity, New Development”, inspiring new energy and unleashing the potential of high-quality development. Shanghai Construction Real Estate and Huida will work together to provide strong support and services for “new opportunities, new inauguration”, stimulate new kinetic energy and unleash the potential of high-quality development.


Official launch of Runner Home

On July 30, Runner Home (stock code: 603408) held a listing ceremony in the Shanghai Stock Exchange.Runner Home this public offering of 45,000,000 shares, the issue price of 15.53 yuan / share, the total amount of funds raised by the new shares 69,885.00 million yuan, after the issue of the total share capital of 44,668.00 million shares.Runner Home The main business is research and development, design, production and sales of kitchen and bathroom products, water purification products and other products, with an operating income of 3,339,303,900 Yuan and net profit of 3,396,600 Yuan in 2019. Following the successful main board listing of Huida Sanitary, Seagull Sumitomo, Monarch Home, R&T Sanitary, and Technology 5 sanitary companies, Runner Home became the 6th A-share listed company in the domestic sanitary industry.


Orans and Juran for regional cooperation

Orans and Juran discussed the cooperation and development with Juran on July 27th, Orans and Fujian Juran’s in-depth cooperation will provide a favorable guarantee for Orans to plough Fujian and develop the country, and also promote Juran’s chain development in Fujian and even the national market. Jiang Yonggang, general manager of Orans marketing, said that the cooperation with Juran is one of the important measures to broaden the market channel, in the future, Orans will achieve 100% occupancy rate of Juran stores, both sides to complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses, mutual support, to achieve the combination of strength and mutual benefit.


Anhua sanitary ware flagship store opened in Changsha

On July 26, Anhua bathroom Changsha V10 flagship store grand opening in Mawangdui Ceramic City. A number of industry leaders congratulate Anhua bathroom Changsha V10 flagship store grand opening. Mawangdui Ceramic City, general manager Mr. Shi Jinyun said, will continue to support the development of Anhua bathroom, and provide better quality service. In the future, the two sides will carry out more comprehensive and deeper cooperation, through the integration of multi-party advantage of resources, to provide consumers with better quality and convenience of product and service experience.


Gold bathroom high-end full bathroom customization strategy grand launch

Recently, Gold Sanitary’s high-end full bathroom customization strategy was released. In recent years, Gold Sanitary has successively launched high-end full bathroom customization products, carried out a new upgrade of high-end full bathroom customization experience stores, launched high-end full bathroom customization services that lead the industry to move forward quickly, and created situational customization renderings with the help of design software, committed to showing a more professional, high-end and trustworthy sanitary brand image to the industry and consumers.


Apollo Sanitary’s 25th anniversary celebration was successfully held

On July 11th, “Let’s start again, our future is full of expectation” – APPOLLO Apollo 25th Anniversary Celebration and 2020 Strategic Partner Meeting was successfully held. You can not only experience the happiness brought by smart sanitation, smart office and smart health, but also the surprise that more than 200 product applications are based on 5G technology development. At the same time, a number of new products were presented in the conference. Through the integration of the sanitary space and intelligent technology, it will open the “New Sanitary Era”. The business orders of Apollo Sanitary in the second quarter of this year is twice as much as the first quarter, and the number of new dealers is also increasing. Chairman Zhixiong Chen of APPOLLO said, cherish the opportunity given to APPOLLO by the epidemic, turn the crisis into business opportunities and the pressure into power.

Apollo 25th Anniversary Celebration & 2020 National Strategic Partner Conference


Ideal Sanitary Shantou Flagship Store Opening Ceremony

On July 25, 2020, Ideal Sanitary officially entered into Guorui Building Material City, Shantou, and welcomed the opening of another flagship store in the coastal city. The whole store VI design, including color aesthetics, showroom dynamic design, lighting design, product display and bathroom solution presentation, etc., are all unified planning by Ideal Sanitary Design Center.

HHSN landed on the five major channels of CCTV

On August 1, 2020, HHSN, together with China Central Television (CCTV), will land on CCTV-1 General, CCTV-2 Finance, CCTV-7 National Defense and Military, CCTV-9 Record, and CCTV-15 Music Channel to start the brand’s internationalization campaign. The brand slogan of “High Quality Choosing Brilliance” is conveyed to the world on the national platform.

CCTV Show Brand
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Home Brand News

Haier Smart Home to privatize Haier Appliances

On the evening of July 31, Haier Smart Corporation Limited (600690.SH/690D.DE) and Haier Electric Group Limited (1169.HK) jointly announced that Haier Smart Home intends to privatize Haier Electric by way of an agreement arrangement to propose a transaction proposal to the Scheme Shareholders for the privatization of Haier Electric. According to the transaction proposal, Haier Electric shareholders (other than Haier Smart Home or its subsidiaries) participating in the transaction will receive 1.60 newly issued H-shares of Haier Smart Home for each Scheme Share and a cash payment of HK$1.95 per Scheme Share upon the Scheme Arrangement becoming effective. Upon the Scheme becoming effective, Haier Electronics will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Haier Smart Home and the Haier Smart Home H Shares will be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange by way of introduction. Haier Smart Home will be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange by way of introduction. At that time, Haier Smart Home will realize the capital market layout of “A+D+H”.


ORVIBO to be listed on Science and Technology Board

to the official website of Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau on July 28, Shenzhen ORVIBO Technology Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “ORVIBO”) has accepted the counseling of Shenvan Hongyuan Securities Underwriting and Sponsorship Co. ORVIBO was founded in April 2011 and is mainly engaged in the development of smart home products and systems. The company’s current products include AI video intercom systems, smart door locks, smart lighting, smart curtains, smart security, home appliance control and other series of products. In November last year, ORVIBO released the whole house intelligent operating system HomeAI and hardware Mix Pad series, to “entrance + AIoT platform + ecological device applications and services” mode to create a whole house intelligent home system. It is noteworthy that after its establishment in 2011, ORVIBO has successively obtained multiple rounds of financing from 2014 to 2016, as well as in the two time periods of 2019, with Midea Property, Red Star Macalline and Evergrande Group as its investors.


Juran’s wholly-owned subsidiary completes acquisition of 100% stake in Amazing Small Loans

On July 31, Juran announced that the acquisition of 100% equity interest in Efficient Small Loans and 100% equity interest in Efficient Guarantee by the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Beijing Juran Home Chain Co. The announcement said, actually small loan 100% equity, actually guarantee 100% equity has been registered to the household chain name, and has received the replacement of the business license; household chain acquisition of Juran Financial Holdings Limited held financial system software platform has been completed delivery.


Red Star Macalline invested in new companies

Red Star Macalline Home Group Co., Ltd. increased foreign investment, the new enterprise is Beijing Red Star Macalline Enterprise Management Co. According to the Enterprise Search platform, the legal representative of Beijing Red Star Macalline Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. was changed from Che Jianfang to Zhao Lei, whose position is manager and executive director; the major shareholder was changed from “Red Star Macalline Furniture Group Co. “The company’s business scope is “enterprise management consulting; rental of commercial premises; wholesale of furniture, building materials, metal materials, hardware, electric appliances, electronic products, textiles and needles.



Industry News

The world’s largest clean industrial gas project through gas production, good for the building ceramics industry

On July 25, China’s first, Asia’s first, the world’s largest clean industrial gas project built by the eleventh China Chemical Engineering Construction Company Limited, the whole process to get through, the output of qualified industrial gas. This project will help promote the transformation and upgrading of the building ceramics industry and promote the green development-oriented industrial structure. The project is located in Gao’an City, Jiangxi Province, covers an area of more than 1,600 acres, with a total investment of 6 billion yuan, an annual output of 12 billion cubic meters of clean industrial gas, and will be the world’s largest coal-based clean industrial gas plant. The project adopts the atmospheric pressure circulating fluidized bed oxygen-rich technology and fly ash residual carbon fluidized bed combustion technology from the Institute of Thermal Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, with energy utilization rate and environmental protection index reaching the domestic advanced level.


Home companies to go public in 2020: 6 pass, 13 in line

According to Wind data, in the first half of 2020 IPO market fundraising scale reached 143.628 billion yuan, an increase of 134.85%, home furnishing enterprises compete for IPO.2020 year began so far, home furnishing industry, there are four companies successfully listed in A-shares, Aupu home furnishing, bull socket, Eletile, Zhongtian finishing, Runner home furnishing. and Fsailon’s application for an initial public offering has been approved, and all have recently opened for subscription. In terms of the amount of capital raised, Fsailon is at the bottom of the list with $474 million, and the remaining five companies have raised more than $600 million in their initial public offerings, of which Bull Group is the fundraising king of the home furnishing sector with an initial offering of $4.887 billion in 2020. In addition to the above six companies that have been listed/listed, a number of companies in the field of wooden doors, sanitary ware, integrated kitchen, smart home are working hard for listing, Mengtian Home, Entive shares, Sicher Elevator, General Elevator, Martian kitchenware, Pateo furniture and Chengdu 8HSleep technology a total of seven companies are lining up for listing.


Two sanitary ceramics industrial bases in Chaozhou, Guangdong successfully passed re-evaluation

From July 28 to 29, China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association organized experts in Chaozhou Chaoan District, Gu Xiang Town, Chaozhou City, “China Sanitary Ceramics First Town”, Feng Tong Town, “China Ceramics Town” two major sanitary ceramics industry clusters for fieldwork, and held an evaluation meeting. Review of the expert panel were field visits to Guoxiang Town, Fengtang Town, a total of seven enterprises, Guangdong Monga Intelligent Kitchen Co. The town of Guxiang and Fengtang in Chaoan District, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province, successfully passed the re-evaluation.