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VIGA faucet: elegant white paint multi-directional rotating basin faucet.

Elegant white paint, 360° rotating water

The combination of white paint and chrome plating shows the elegant temperament

The main body adopts high-temperature baking lacquer technology, smooth and elegant white baking lacquer texture, with chrome-plated handle and spout, which shows the elegant temperament. Both white and black countertops can be matched.

The high-temperature baking process makes the surface layer bright, delicate and easy to clean.

The surface of the paint and chrome plating is very smooth, and the cleaning is very simple, and the water stains and stains can be removed by gently wiping. And it is not easy to fade, and it can keep the same smooth and bright for a long time.

Support hot and cold mixed water, the temperature depends on your heart

Built-in high-quality ceramic valve core, precise ceramic structure makes the switch smooth, cold and hot water adjustment is more comfortable, and very durable, with a service life of up to 600,000 times.

The main body can rotate 360°, the water coverage is wider

The main body supports 360° rotation, free rotation, and the water output range is wider. When the faucet is not used, it can be folded against the wall, and the basin can make more space.

The spout supports 360° rotation, which is more convenient for washing your face and gargle.

The spout also supports rotation. It is more convenient to wash your face in the morning and rinse your mouth. Gently rotate to sprinkle water upwards. There is no need for cups when you rinse your mouth. You don’t need to wash the cup, which is hygienic and convenient.

Mesh water outlet filter, the water is soft and not easy to splash.

The water outlet uses a mesh bubbler. When the water is discharged, air is injected to mix the water and the air. The water is soft and not easy to splash everywhere.

Weighing 1.2kg, the quality is guaranteed

The main body is made of national standard H59 copper, and the copper material conforms to national standards. The net lead is safe and the quality is guaranteed.