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VIGA Faucet Manufacturer Guarantees The Quality Of The Faucet

The creation of VIGA taps is a complex procedure with a number of phases. In VIGA, The amount of quality is controlled at each stage. We’ll always create high-quality faucet & toilet accessories.
We’re a professional bathroom taps manufacturer of taps for at least 12 decades. Quality is our civilization, and we wish to explain to you the way we control quality.
The most significant element in the creation of this tap is brass, and the principal body of this faucet is created from the gravity casting. Our VIGA faucets generally utilize H59 or lead-free aluminum. In the previous 12 decades, we’ve established in-depth collaboration with raw material providers and accessory providers so we could acquire supplier support concerning material quality and cost. We’ll perform Brass material evaluation to affirm the aluminum content of the batch of aluminum fulfills the H59 standard before we could arrange the creation.
②. ERP management strategy:
We utilize ERP and MRP to form our order management and processing system, always optimize the manufacturing process, decrease the reduction between generation, simple to restrain our shipping, and stabilize our costs.
In the event of getting quality complaints from clients, we could easily identify the batches of debatable goods together with ERP and MRP systems, minimizing customer after-sales losses.
2. Quality Management System
Besides the aluminum content of these raw materials, the things that determine the grade of the faucet will be the manufacturing procedure and equipment. Listed below are our gear and our quality review system:
After sand mould processing, we’ll utilize a gravity casting machine for projecting. In comparison with the older procedure of sand casting, gravity casting is ideal to keep a particular high temperature to guarantee the faucet body doesn’t deform and preserve exactly the identical thickness. Before mass production, we’ll initially create six samples. Engineers can check the stiffness and size in line with the drawings. After passing the review, we’ll arrange mass manufacturing.
(two )CNC machining machine:
After casting, we’ll execute this CNC machining procedure. Including this technical process-the peeling measure on the tough casting surface to acquire precise uniformity and smoothness.
After the top layer of the faucet is handled by CNC, it has to be polished strictly in line with the measures then polished with a cloth wheel polishing representative to present excellent smoothness. Obviously, the surface of the faucet will be assessed before plating to affirm the surface is smooth
The quality of the coating surface treatment could be judged with the 24-hour acetate spray evaluation. Our regular is Nickel>12um Chrome>0.2um, the chrome coating has a fantastic heat resistance and decent chemical equilibrium, therefore the chrome coating has good wear resistance, hence shielding the surface of the copper faucet out of being readily Oxidation.
(two )100% surface review:
VIGA will inspect the surface of every item, and choose qualified merchandise (which is, products with complete plating and no scrapes ) for setup.
Buy ready accessories Based on this assembly list, along with the engineer will assess the dimensions of these accessories, including the valve center, bubbler, water inlet pipe, etc., to see if it matches with the tap
For constructed faucets, we’ll examine each faucet seal . This includes a water evaluation and gasoline evaluation to confirm if the faucet is leaking.
(5)Flow testing system:
We’ll correct the faucet configuration Based on the stream standard of every country/region
Before packaging, first, wash the surface of the faucet, then check the surface for flaws, and affirm the packing after departure. As stated by the meeting, list to prevent missing any accessories.