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VIGA take you to identify fake bathroom products on the online shopping.

In 2005, CCTV Spring Festival Evening, Zhao Benshan’s “Flicker Trilogy” series of the last piece of “Kung Fu” staged, Fan Wei repeatedly swindled after being tricked into a sigh of helplessness – prevent it!

In 2019, the country’s manufacturing capacity has been in the forefront of the world, and the product dimensions (brand, price, style, etc.) that consumers can choose have also been greatly improved. But the many counterfeit merchants and the counterfeit and shoddy products they made, so many online shopping Xiaobai deeply realized the sigh of Fan Wei’s teacher that year – it is impossible to prevent!

“There are fakes in many places, and there are still many poor people in China who need low-end goods.” The network has a voice to justify unscrupulous businesses. It is true that China does have a lot of fake goods, and China does have a lot of poor people, but this is not the reason why merchants sell fakes!

What are the shopping traps often encountered in online shopping for bathroom products? How should consumers avoid risks? The following is interpreted by Zhongjie.com e-commerce operators.

Counterfeit Wrigley Store in a building materials market under the line

First, what are the online shopping traps?

The trademark gives you the letter, it’s easy to be stupid.

Some manufacturers have played word games on more well-known kitchen and bathroom brands for consumers who don’t understand the brand or look at it. It is more common to change letters or add a place name on the English brand of a famous brand. This fakes the approximation.

Collection of cottage products in other product categories

In the sanitary industry, Jiu Mu, who is well-known, is one of the most sanitary brands in the cottage. JOO-MOO, JOAAQO, Jiu-Mu, etc…. Some merchants who have been smashing the ball will be able to make a foolish look.

When it comes to Wrigley, everyone will not be unfamiliar, but its trademark logo ARROW, the average person often can not remember. The more common cottage logos are ARROVV, ARVOR, ARRQVV, ARRQW, AROOW, ARRCW…

LOGO is a variety of things, true and false products are difficult to distinguish

The author opens a lot of APP and randomly searches for “Hengjie Toilet”. The search results appear as shown below. Only the 4 constant clean toilets appearing on the current page claim to be official authentic, but their brand logo, trademark design, English + Chinese The composition of each is different. As the author of the kitchen and bathroom industry, it is difficult to make accurate choices at a time, let alone ordinary consumers?

It seems that in order to dispel the doubts of customers, many shops have shouted out the promise of “fake a hundred dollars.” This can not help but remind me of a joke that was popular on the Internet before, mom, honest seller, moved China. I feel that I have met a conscience seller and made a big profit.

Have a brand authorization, but also look carefully

On all major e-commerce platforms, in addition to brand-operated stores, other types of stores must obtain authorization letters for the brand in order to sell the products. But everyone should pay attention to it, not all stores that have “authorization” are regular shops!

I thought that winning the power of attorney would win the hearts of the people? I think it’s still “too young too simple”! Let’s see what’s wrong with it.

Not to mention that the store level is too low to be eye-catching, this store name is simply a negative example of the Shanzhai community. The naked name is modeled after the name of the store on the power of attorney.

Brand product cabbage price? This trap can’t step on!

Greedy and cheap is the psychological characteristics of most people. It is small enough to buy food and buy a house. Everyone is always more concerned about discounts. But if you know that the price is too low, you should pay attention! Must not be blinded by the price of the eyes, must play 12 points to pay attention, after all, a penny of goods, want to buy a business loss of things, the average person really does not have that luck!

Second, how to buy correctly

Official flagship store purchase, quality assured

The flagship store is equivalent to the “model shop” under the brand online. Most of them are self-operated by the company (a few are operated by trusted third parties), and the products are the most comprehensive and the services are guaranteed. At present, Tmall, Jingdong, Suning Tesco and so on have a strict qualification review process for flagship stores opened on its platform, which is equivalent to a quality audit for consumers, consumers can rest assured to buy.

Officially authorized store to buy, convenient and fast

In addition to the official flagship store, the officially authorized store is also a store that you can buy with confidence. Take VIGA bathroom as an example. In addition to several official flagship stores, more than 100 stores have been authorized in Tmall, Jingdong, Suning Tesco, Gome Online, etc., and special pages are displayed on VIGA official website for convenient consumption. Self-checking and confirmation of qualifications.

When selecting a specialty store for purchase, you need to pay attention to the fact that the store must have a network sales authorization issued by the manufacturer, otherwise its authenticity is still to be considered. The power of attorney indicates the business entity, store name, authorization period and other information of the store, which is related to its own rights and interests. Please check carefully before placing the order.

Brand official mall purchase, official certification

In addition to the sales of third-party platforms, the first-line brands such as Jiu Mu, Heng Jie, and Emperor have opened online shopping malls. Consumers can place orders directly from them or jump to the Tmall/Jingdong flagship store. Although there is still room for improvement in the use experience, it is guaranteed from the perspective of shopping safety and product quality.

Third, how to distinguish between authenticity and arrival

Look forward to the question, the product is true and false

After the consumer receives the product, he or she can first evaluate the authenticity of the product from the product packaging. Generally speaking, based on cost considerations, the packaging of counterfeit and shoddy products will be more rough and random. In addition, after unpacking, whether the details of the product are in place, whether the material has pungent odor, whether the accessories/instructions/delivery sheets are complete, etc. are also the “soil method” for consumers to evaluate the authenticity of the products.

The way to identify genuine and fake brand stores.

Bathroom cabinet packaging and commitment from the official Tmall official flagship store

Call the official 400 to easily verify the authenticity of the product.

If you can’t judge the authenticity of the product based on your own experience, after receiving the product, the consumer can also provide the shopping related information to verify the authenticity of the product by calling the company’s 400 national after-sales service hotline. The specific 400 telephones of each brand are marked in the prominent position of the company’s official website, and the inquiry is very convenient.

Query anti-counterfeiting code, the product’s “identity card”

It is understood that among the domestic brands, Jiu Mu and Heng Jie (if there are other welcome additions) are all equipped with anti-counterfeiting codes on the product packaging. The code can be described as the “ID card” of the product. After that, you can easily check the authenticity of the product.

Anti-counterfeiting code of Jiumu products: Scratch the coating, log on the official WeChat to check the authenticity of the product.

It can be said that the emergence of anti-counterfeiting code greatly reduces the difficulty for ordinary consumers to check the authenticity of products, and also shows the determination of enterprises to combat counterfeit and shoddy products. At present, Jiu Mu and Heng Jie have been at the forefront of the industry and are worth learning and emulating in the industry.

Fourth, in case you really buy fakes, how to protect rights?

As the saying goes, “The wise man must have a loss.” If you accidentally buy a suspected fake, don’t worry, you can guarantee your rights and interests from the following steps.

First, contact the merchant to request a return and minimize their losses.

Second, report to the manufacturer. It is understood that the current Jiu Mu and other brands have set up a separate anti-counterfeiting department, specifically for counterfeit and shoddy products, they report the clues.

Finally, the product can be sent to the quality inspection agency for identification, and the complaints can be filed with the industrial and commercial administration department and the platform according to the appraisal report, and the claim can be compensated according to the penalty of ten.

Although there are methods, the time and effort required to protect rights are very high. Abandoning rights and using it, there are still major security risks. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone polish their eyes, purchase formal products through official channels, and do not go to the right to defend rights.

A few days ago, the cottage bathroom has reached an almost exaggerated level, which brand on the market sells well, which style is good to sell, and will soon have a mixture of cottage products. Not only is the appearance difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, but the price is very exciting.

In order to completely eliminate the emergence of cottage products, in addition to e-commerce platforms and manufacturers to increase the intensity of investigations and crackdowns, abandoning the attitude of “people do not pay the official not to pay”, it is more necessary for consumers to improve product identification capabilities, use actual actions to vote, Support those sanitary enterprises that do their best to make quality, so that the “stealing chickens and dogs” stream will soon lose the soil.