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Attention Exports! Mandatory Water Efficiency Standards To Be Implemented In The UK

Attention Exports! Mandatory Water Efficiency Standards To Be Implemented In The UK

water efficiency standards

On 1 July local time in the UK, the UK government introduced a measure on water conservation.

The contents include.

  1. Adopting a mandatory water efficiency label for products such as dishwashers and showers, and encouraging people to use water-efficient products in their homes and business purchases. The government will also consider the potential for achieving energy savings as well as further water savings and explore how these can be achieved in a way that has minimal impact on consumers.
  2. Local authorities are encouraged to adopt energy efficiency standards that enforce a minimum of 110 litres per person per day for buildings, compared to the current standard of 125 litres. The government requires developers to install more efficient fixtures and fittings in all new buildings where there is a clear local need, for example in water-stressed areas.
  3. Develop a roadmap in 2022 to improve water efficiency in new developments and retrofit projects, including exploring how revisions to building regulations and developments in new technologies can help meet these standards. Ensure that relevant legislation can accommodate any potential expansion of future rainwater harvesting, water reuse and storage schemes, where appropriate.
  4. Require water companies to develop a consistent approach to repairing leaks in customers’ water supply pipes. In the last 10 years, approximately 25% of leaks have been from customers’ water supply pipes.
  5. The regulations are part of the UK’s A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment, which aims to reduce personal water consumption to 110 litres per day by 2050.

It is understood that the British Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA) and the UWLA will promote the adoption of the existing harmonised water labelling scheme, but at this stage, the UK government has not officially indicated that it will automatically use the scheme.



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