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Which Type Of Shower Is Best?

Due to the influence of water quality, materials and other factors, the general impression given to us is: easy to rust, easy to block with scale, consumables, and short service life. However, due to the cumbersome replacement process of the shower head, we generally only choose to replace the shower head when it is really unusable. Is it so difficult to buy a shower? VIGA has compiled a guide for purchasing bathroom showers, which I believe will be helpful to your purchase.

1. Material
1. ABS plastic shower

ABS plastic showers have many styles and shapes, and can be set with multiple levels of water. Therefore, ABS showers are generally used in the market; the disadvantage is that they are easy to block. When buying, the merchant first recommends this kind of shower.
2. Stainless steel shower

The biggest advantage of stainless steel shower head is that it has a large water outlet area. Even if there is a clogging problem such as scale, it can generally be used for a long time; the disadvantage is that it is easy to rust with poor material. Most families also prefer to choose stainless steel when buying.
3. Copper shower

Copper showers are the same as stainless steel showers, with a single water outlet function. Due to color and style reasons, domestic households use this type of shower less, unless the overall decoration style is considered, the market share is also the smallest.

2. Type
1. Handheld

The hand-held shower has a small size and is characterized by strong flexibility and can be taken off to wash all parts of the body.
2. Overhead style



The overhead shower has a higher installation position and is generally installed with a handheld showerhead. Overhead showers are generally larger in size, generally 8 inches in size.
3. Posture

The posture shower has many water outlets and is complicated to match, and the angle can be adjusted to have the effect of washing and massaging the whole body

Three, the type of water
1. Shower type

The shower type is the most common in the market. It is usually sprayed directly through the water outlet, with low pressure and gentle water flow, suitable for washing the whole body.
2. Jet type


The jet type is also called the “massage type”. The water flow pressure is relatively high, the flow velocity is fast, and it has a good hydrotherapy massage effect.
3. Splash type

Sprinkling water flow is the largest. It feels like splashing water or standing under a waterfall to take a bath. The disadvantage is that it takes too much water!
4. Water flow pattern


The water flow type has a slower flow rate, and the effect is smaller than that of the shower type. It feels like one is in heavy rain and the other is in rain. The advantage is water saving!

4. purchase
1. Plating
The bathroom environment is relatively humid, and the shower head made of copper and stainless steel will change color and rust in a humid environment for a long time, which will affect the appearance. Therefore, when purchasing, you must pay attention to the coating on the surface of the shower.
The coating needs to go through the processes of grinding, polishing, dust removal, nickel plating, and chrome plating to ensure the quality of the shower. Generally speaking, the brighter the shower surface, the more delicate the touch and the better the craftsmanship!

2. Spool
The valve core is a tool used to control the pressure and water output of the shower, and its importance is self-evident. When selecting the valve core, just look at its wear resistance and smoothness. Generally speaking, shower valve core ceramic is the best and durable.

3. Spraying method
The shower spraying method has been introduced above, you can choose the suitable spraying method according to your needs. The most popular ones on the market are showers and hand-held multi-functions, with various ways to experience different shower experiences.

4. Spraying effect
The spraying effect mainly depends on whether each water outlet on the shower is blocked, and whether the water flow is even, which is an important indicator that determines the quality of the shower nozzle.
After reading these, there will definitely be some people who want to let the editor recommend some brands. The brand is definitely not recommended, but as long as the shower you choose has a constant temperature and high stability, it must be right!
Domestically, Kaiping is the last place where showers are produced. Many of them are used for export and the quality is quite good. The foreign countries are dominated by Germany, with high material, style, configuration and cost performance. As for the others, the quality of the shower is not bad.