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2021 Frankfurt Bathroom Show Cancels Offline Exhibition

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On September 21, Germany local time, Messe Frankfurt announced on its official website that the 2021 Frankfurt Bathroom Exhibition (ISH), scheduled to be held from March 22 to 26 next year at the Frankfurt International Exhibition Center, will be cancelled as a physical exhibition and will instead be held in an online format. After Grohe, Hansgrohe and others announced the cancellation, Messe Frankfurt has finally made the decision to cancel the offline biennial exhibition of the world’s most influential bathroom exhibition.


Bathroom Exhibition 2021 In Frankfurt   

On-Line Only

Messe Frankfurt said in an announcement on its website that it will postpone or cancel a number of physical exhibitions, including Home Textiles 2021 in Frankfurt, Germany, Consumer Goods International 2021 and Bathroom 2021 in Frankfurt, which will instead be held in a purely online format, with the dates remaining March 22-26, 2021.

Messe Frankfurt said in its announcement that 13 major exhibitions have been held across China since the crisis began, but that conditions are not yet in place in Germany to hold such events. Now that not only the government has tightened travel restrictions, but also some companies, the company said, the epidemic is creating increasing uncertainty for the show’s customers. For this reason, Messe Frankfurt has decided to cancel or postpone a number of exhibitions, including the Bathroom Show.

According to reports, after changing to an online exhibition, the 2021 Frankfurt Bathroom Show will offer a variety of digital services, exhibitors can video and other forms of online display of products, but also can start one-on-one video communication with customers, the display also supports live or on-demand content.

In August this year, Messe Frankfurt said that 2021 will be a “hybrid” event, that is, a physical exhibition in conjunction with the online exhibition, aimed at satisfying customers who can not or do not want to participate in the show’s regular activities. A month later, Messe Frankfurt has finally announced the cancellation of the physical part of the fair, a move that is expected to have an impact on a number of companies.


Grohe, Hansgrohe Cancel Exhibitions In Quick Succession

Before Messe Frankfurt announced the cancellation of its physical presence at the 2021 Frankfurt Bathroom Show, several bathroom companies had already stated that they were withdrawing their participation from the show, the most recent announcement being made by Hansgrohe.

On September 16, local time, Hansgrohe announced that it was cancelling its participation in next year’s show. The company said in the announcement that it is currently unable to assess the further impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic on the international situation, while taking into account the international composition of the exhibition audience, so the decision to cancel the exhibition.

Hansgrohe is not the first well-known company to announce the cancellation of its participation in the show, as back in July this year, GCE announced that it was cancelling its participation in this major biennial bathroom exhibition. The reasons given by GROHE included the fact that the global epidemic situation was still severe and the show’s preventive and control measures were unsatisfactory.

After Gao Yi announced the cancellation of the exhibition, Wolfgang Marzin, CEO of Messe Frankfurt, sent an open letter to the global sanitary industry, expressing his firm belief in the significance of ISH for economic recovery and saying that ISH 2021 would be the first event of international significance for the sanitary and HVAC industry since the outbreak of the epidemic, and that the focus of the exhibition would be on the safety and health of all participants.

And following this announcement by Hansgrohe and other companies to cancel their participation, Wolfgang Marzin said that it is important for the company’s customers to make an early decision, otherwise they will start investing in their show now. Messe Frankfurt will continue to work closely with its customers to ensure that their decisions are in the interest of the industry


Epidemic Continues To Affect Normal Operations Of Sanitary Companies

Following Shanghai International Kitchen & Bath 2020 and Bologna Ceramic & Sanitary Fair 2020, the 2021 Frankfurt Bathroom Fair became another global ceramic and sanitary related exhibition that cancelled or postponed physical displays after the outbreak of the epidemic. The Frankfurt Bathroom Show is held every two years, the last exhibition was held in March 2019, attracting more than 2,500 exhibitors from 59 countries and regions around the world, including 228 exhibitors from mainland China, Huida, Ideal Bathroom, Frank, Italy-China Tao, Prevan and other companies have exhibited.

At present, the global epidemic is still spreading, as of September 21, the cumulative number of confirmed cases has been more than 31.29 million people, the death toll of more than 960,000 people. Recently, many countries in Europe repeated the epidemic, Germany 16 days in a row since the new cases in 2000 cases or so, the cumulative diagnosis of more than 270,000 cases; British health minister said on the 20th that the United Kingdom is in the new crown epidemic “critical point”, it is possible to implement the second nationwide “city” closure “; Spain has a total of 640,000 people diagnosed, the worst outbreak among European countries.

Reuters analysis said that although the European Central Bank has expanded the scale of emergency bond purchases to 1.35 trillion euros, the European Union also introduced 750 billion euros recovery fund, but right now did not take more stimulus measures, the European economy at the end of 2022 to return to the pre-epidemic level is unlikely.

In the sanitary industry, although a number of the “city” because of the suspension of the enterprise has been restored to business, some of the exhibition hall has been closed, but many enterprises of sales, net profit and other financial indicators have not returned to the previous level. Including the cancellation of the Frankfurt bathroom exhibition entity exhibition, is expected to epidemic on the normal operation of the bathroom enterprise impact will continue.