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Kohler, Grohe, Bravat, Hegii, Midea, Gree And More Take Home American Design Awards

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On September 16, the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) announced the winners for 2020. This year, more than 124 products, including a number of bathroom and home products, including Grohe, Kohler, Bravat, Hegii, Midea, Gree, Samsung, Starbucks, etc. The IDEA, together with the Red Dot Design Award and iF Design Award, is regarded as the world’s top three design awards, and is the world’s most important award in the field of design. The bellwether, including revolutionary products such as the iPhone, VR glasses, and Tesla’s electric car, has won the award.



Miranda Series Super Oxygen Kitchen Faucet

Gold Medal

One of the 2020 IDEA Gold Award Winners. Miranda’s Super Oxygen Kitchen Faucet is simple to use – after starting the switch of the Super Oxygen Generator under the sink, touch the O3 button of the faucet for about 3 seconds, the indicator green light will light up, and the Super Oxygen water can be turned on and used. Under the super-oxygen mode, the water can be used to wash hands, food, kitchenware, etc. for 10 seconds, which can eliminate or reduce 86% of microorganisms and bacteria, and effectively inhibit regeneration; it also has deodorizing and pesticide residue removal effects, which will not hurt the skin and is healthy and environmentally friendly. In addition, the faucet is also equipped with cold-start design to save heat energy, 360° rotatable pipe bend, 20cm pull-out function, etc., which brings a comfortable feeling of free operation to the kitchen water.



GROHE Smartcontrol Kitchen

Bronze Medal

Reinventing the kitchen faucet experience with a new valve technology, to start the water flow, simply press the button at the faucet outlet, touch your elbow or wrist to turn on the water flow when you have stains on your hands, and turn the ProGrip button right or left to adjust the amount of water flow.



Urbanity+ Shower Column

Bronze Medal

With a simple push of a button you can turn the water flow on or off directly, the dials can be turned to precisely adjust water temperature and volume, and the multi-functional overhead spray can be used all over the body. The accompanying shower control is also a shelf, with a textured surface and sandblasted glass top providing a comfortable touch, a change from the cold feel of previous shower controls.



Q8i Smart All-In-One Machine, Q3i Smart All-In-One Machine

This year Hegii has two smart toilet award-winning models respectively. The award-winning Q8i smart all-in-one features a full and flexible curved dome design with simple and smooth lines, which is very fashionable and technological; the hidden tank is equipped with the unique whirlpool energy system, which enables powerful flushing while maintaining a compact and delicate shape. This product uses the “constant net sterilization” system contains SIAA certification silver ion antibacterial seat, electrolytic water sterilization, nozzle antibacterial, LED ultraviolet sterilization technology, from the inside to outside to protect the user’s toilet health, to the user’s ultimate protection.

At the same time, the award-winning Q3i intelligent all-in-one machine exterior design with small rounded modern geometric shape, simple and neat lines and surface, with integrated large flip design, transmits the pure minimalist aesthetics, it has a key knob, no tank water purification whirlpool flush function, live water that is hot technology and other features also let toilet experience more comfortable, convenient.


SK Magic

Triple Care Dishwasher

Gold Medal

Developed by the Korean brand SK magic, this dishwasher not only helps you wash and dry your dishes, but also functions as a sterilizing dishwasher. One of the features is the wide mobile wash rotor, so that dishes placed in the corners can also be washed. With dual hot air technology, residual odors are automatically vented at the end of the dishwashing process, allowing for more thorough drying. The UV disinfection and ventilation functions can be run on a regular basis to ensure dishes are clean and storage time is extended. The door is easy to open with the touch of a button and there is a two-tone red and blue safety light at the bottom to alert the user that the door is hot.



Custom Refrigerators

Silver Medal

Customizable refrigerators by Samsung, with colors and materials tailored to family size, eating habits, lifestyles and kitchen layouts, can be assembled into one- to seven-door refrigerators with all components designed to be uniform in depth and height for a more harmonious combination. The doors are removable and replaceable, and are available in a wide range of colours and materials to suit people’s diverse lifestyles and individual preferences.



Bottle Washers

Silver Medal

It’s a 3-in-1 device that washes, sterilizes and dries baby bottles and related accessories at the touch of a button. Parents no longer need to wash, sterilize and dry bottles by hand; this bottle washer does all three in less than an hour.



Fellow Ode Brew Grinder

Silver Medal

A coffeemaker product designed for everyday cooking, pressing and brewing, it is also excellent in terms of cleanliness and dryness.



Coway Icon Air Purifier

Bronze Medal

Renowned Korean brand Coway has launched a new air purifier that is smaller in size for use in small homes and can also connect to Wi-Fi for more usability and functionality, and allows users to control it from their smartphones.



Electrolysis Sterilizer (WCE-200)

Bronze Medal

A sterilizer product that converts water into a disinfecting and deodorizing spray without the fear of damaging human skin. Simply fill the faucet with water and spray onto tables, cutting boards, bathrooms, couches and toys to remove 99.99% of bacteria and viruses from surfaces.



High-End Foldable Baseboard Electric Heater

Bronze Medal

Gree’s heater features a twin-spindle motion structure that rotates 180 degrees to keep you warm no matter where you sit. In addition to warmth in cold weather, this product can also be used as a clothes dryer.




Bronze Medal

Illumiknobi is a battery-powered door handle with an internal motion sensor that projects a beautiful illumination pattern when people are near. Once it senses human movement, the Illumiknobi will slowly brighten to help you move around in dark spaces while keeping others out of sight.



Wall-Mounted Washing Machine

Bronze Medal

Designed by Swan and produced by Midea, this wall-mounted washer features a clean, compact design that is easy to install and takes up little space, making it ideal for washing underwear, baby clothes and more.



Infinite Line Built-In Oven Package

Bronze Medal

Samsung’s built-in ovens offer two cooking zones, upper and lower, and microwave technology to reduce cooking time. The ovens can be stacked or positioned horizontally to fit different sizes and styles of kitchen space.



Ivy Pour-Over

Bronze Medal

The first hand-brewed coffee device designed by Starbucks for use in hotels and other facilities. The metal cone helps maintain an even temperature, thus ensuring a consistent coffee taste. The design of the drip tray gives the product a uniformity that not only reduces splashing, but also looks quite simple and classy.



Smart 360 Air Purifier

Bronze Medal

A home air purifier designed to be easy to use by anyone through an intuitive interface. The two-tone color scheme is combined with metal to create a luxurious feel that harmonizes with a variety of interior environments. This product is also internet-connected, so users can use their mobile phones anytime, anywhere.



Sunshine Series Body Sensor Light

Bronze Medal

Shenzhen team designed the body sensor light, using batteries, simple installation, can be installed on any wall. The PIR mode can be set to only sense human presence to turn on the light when in a dark environment, a move that increases battery life. The range includes a variety of products for different locations, including door lights, closet lights and mirror lights.