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6+6+N, Whole House Intelligence – Helping The New Era Of Home Improvement, It Is Prepared With Superb Technology And “Weapons And Ammunition.”

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Listed home improvement companies have released 2020 half-year report, under the influence of epidemic superimposed consumption changes, home improvement companies generally decline in revenue serious. Incomplete statistics, 12 listed home improvement companies in the first half of the net profit generally fell more than 50%.

The smart home industry has seen a different picture. Not only did not cool down, fueled by the new infrastructure, 5G and AIoT, but to achieve a counter-trend outbreak. Owei cloud net released “real estate data research 300 + city data” shows that in the first half of the hardcover housing smart home products supporting the rate of rapid growth, including smart security, smart door locks and smart toilets and other growth rates are the highest. And in recent years, cut into the field of smart home furnishing enterprises, the stock price has been floating red. Smart home products have become the biggest empowerment weapons of home improvement enterprises.



Smart Home Surge, Installers, Real Estate Companies With Capital To Enter Quickly

According to the real estate data survey of 300+ cities released by OviCloud, from January to June 2020, the supporting rate of smart home products for well-furnished houses is growing rapidly, with the supporting rate of smart security and smart door locks exceeding 60%, and the supporting rate of smart toilets and smart switches at more than 13%, a faster growth than the same period last year.

Sunac, Vanke, Evergrande Group, Country Garden and Poly Group and other head real estate companies, have increased the smart home products of large sums of investment, or direct investment to build production base, or to participate in the way of holding shares to enter the smart home industry. For example, Country Garden, after announcing last year that it would invest 5 billion yuan to build the Country Garden Smart Sanitary Ware Chaozhou Industrial Park, announced this year that it would invest another 20 billion yuan to build the Huangqing Lake Science and Technology Town with the smart home industry manufacturing base as the core industry.

Home improvement enterprises are not behind, accelerate the embrace of smart home for their own empowerment. July 10, listed home building materials enterprises Dehua Tb New Decoration Materials Co. As a relatively newly listed company in the home building industry, Dehua Tb New Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.’s main business includes products such as sheet metal, flooring and custom home furnishings, with a turnover of more than 4.6 billion yuan in 2019.

“Home intelligence is the future trend of the home furnishing industry, and this investment will help assist Dehua Tb New Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. in the layout of the smart home sector upon completion.” Dehua Tb New Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. said in the announcement. Not only Dehua Tb New Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. but also home improvement companies such as Dong Yi Ri Sheng Home and Xingyi Decoration are continuing to ramp up their smart home offerings.

“The home improvement industry has reached the post-home improvement or smart home improvement era, and whoever doesn’t keep up will face a bigger crisis,” On August 12, at a home improvement forum in Changsha, Hunan, Hilk Smart Home chairman Wu Xishan shared the theme of “conforming to the smart home trend and empowering the post-decorating era” for the participating home improvement companies. Wu Xishan said, smart home is the current trend, building materials, home improvement enterprises to comply with the trend, active transformation and innovation, in order not to be eliminated from the game.

This is exactly the case, traditional home improvement enterprises are facing customer acquisition difficulties, profit margin compression and other challenges, and with the technology and consumer demand for basic conditions forming, smart home has become a new windfall in the home improvement industry, almost all of the home improvement companies are smart home as a grip to increase revenue and reduce customer acquisition costs. Some home improvement companies even bluntly said that smart home can make home improvement companies to improve the profitability of 50% – house let the traditional home improvement companies to decorate, if the money to make is 10,000 yuan, with smart home products, profitability to 15,000 or even 20,000 yuan.



Hilk Smart Home Is Popular With Home Improvement Companies

At present, smart home products have become the main selling point of more and more property and home improvement enterprises, and enterprises engaged in the development and production of smart home products are also sought after by the market, capital, real estate companies and home improvement companies.Hilk smart home is one of the best, this company has been deep in electronic manufacturing for nearly 30 years, has developed from smart door locks, air purifiers, smart toilets and other smart single items for the whole house. The interconnected smart home creates “6+6+N (6 spaces, 6 systems and N kinds of personalized solutions)” whole-house smart home solutions.

Hilk Smart Home’s “6 big spaces” include intelligent epidemic-proof bathroom, intelligent living room, intelligent bedroom, intelligent meeting room, intelligent negotiation room and intelligent office. 6+6+N” whole house intelligent system, remote design system, intelligent door control system, fresh air and air purification system, security monitoring system, and N refers to N kinds of personalized solutions. “6+6+N” whole house intelligent system around the scene space driven AI + IOT + big data, so that various home scenes interconnected and efficient collaboration.

“Hilk Smart Home introduces 6 spaces, 6 systems and N personalized solutions to provide smart home future technology and smart home series products, which can provide home improvement companies with a very affordable and intelligent control system, and through intelligent cross-border integration + advanced technology, empowering home improvement and allowing users to enjoy smart life.” Hilk Smart Home Chairman Wu Xishan said. Multi-category, multi-scenario smart space solutions to empower home improvement enterprises have made Hilk Smart Home popular among home improvement design institutes, home improvement enterprises and other enterprises.


July 8.

At the Guangzhou International Building Material Fair, Hilk’s 200-square-meter super smart home pavilion was crowded with consumers, designers and home improvement companies to experience Hilk’s smart living room, smart bedroom, smart 5G cinema, smart epidemic-proof bathroom and other smart home life scenes.


July 21.

In 2020, the world’s largest professional ceramics exhibition – Foshan (Tanzhou) ceramic bathroom exhibition, Gold Mantis Constr, China Zhongyuan, Huajian Group, Hongtao Group, Baoying shares, Shenzhen Jishang Architectural Design and Decoration Engineering Co.


August 4.

Yongming Decoration Group, Haochang Construction Group, Beijing Jianfeng Construction Group, Gangyuan Design, Jiangxi Meihua Construction and Decoration Engineering Company and other representatives of several national home improvement and design companies visited Hilk’s Zhejiang Quzhou production base, and several companies signed contracts with Hilk at the site.


August 14.

At Shanghai International Hotel Engineering Design and Supplies Fair, Hilk Smart Home with six intelligent scenes once again made an explosive appearance, showing professional “smart home commercial space solutions” and attracting many professionals to experience, especially Hilk’s first revolutionary product that can effectively prevent the spread of fecal matter in the bathroom – the intelligent epidemic-proof bathroom, which became a “powder-sucking scene”.



Outbreak From Strong R&D And Manufacturing Capabilities

At present, Hilk has established in-depth cooperation with several large national home improvement enterprises such as Dong Yi Ri Sheng Home, Xingyi Decoration and Liangjiaju Home, and more are under negotiation. “Some of the home improvement enterprises, insight into the smart home, future technology, eager to master the smart home technology, upgrade and transform, Hilk smart home can provide smart home technology and products for home improvement enterprises. And those who are already dry smart home, or even invest in smart home companies, but not completed smart home technology, Hilk can cooperate with such companies to improve and enhance technology, and quickly achieve leapfrog development.” Wu Xishan said.

Hilk’s outbreak stems from strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities. With nearly 30 years of experience in electronic manufacturing, Hilk has mastered the core technology of precision electronic manufacturing, and has developed from smart door locks, air purifiers, smart toilets and other smart products into smart home interconnected with the whole house, and is building an “international advanced manufacturing base for smart home”. Currently, Hilk has three production bases, which are aligned with Industry 4.0 and built according to the standards of the world’s top intelligent production bases. The intelligent manufacturing control center, automated final assembly line, intelligent aging test line, and ring-shaped final assembly line …… are the deep integration of intelligent information technology and industrial systems. 300 people.

Strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities have allowed Hilk to launch a number of smart products at the leading edge of the industry. Smart toilets are in the global leading position and are used by several well-known sanitary brands and home appliances in China and abroad; air purifiers, which had won the first place in the comprehensive evaluation in 2014; medical airtight doors, for which Hilk is one of the industry standard-setting units, produce sealed doors that can meet the standard requirements of brain surgery rooms.

At the Zhejiang production base, Hilk has also built an advanced smart home experience center. “6+6+N” is perfectly settled here – intelligent living room, intelligent bedroom, intelligent meeting room, intelligent negotiation room, intelligent office, intelligent epidemic prevention bathroom; 5G cinema system, remote conference system, remote design system, intelligent door control system, fresh air The air-cleaning system and security monitoring system …… not only allows people to experience the future of home life, but also enables a new office model of Go home work.

Companies, agents, real estate engineering clients, home improvement companies, designers, and even cross-border home appliance companies …… from all industries across the country will visit and experience it almost every day, and even several waves of customers a day, no exaggeration.



The Smart Home Is Not Just A Battlefield For Giants

“When times abandon you, you don’t even say hello.” Nokia, once popular all over the world, is hard to find, which also brings inspiration to the home improvement industry – maybe you didn’t do anything wrong, just didn’t do anything right. Failure to do right, in the bigger picture, could be closure and disappearance.

Under the wave of 5G+AI+IOT, the smart home has become the new battlefield. Huawei has built a “1+N+8” self-supporting + open ecology, attacking the city; Xiaomi by investing in more than 20 ecological chain enterprises, self-supporting + semi-open mode and Huawei narrowly met. But Huawei and Xiaomi are far from the only ones who want to seize the smart home. BAT, AI industry unicorns, HaierGreeMidea home appliance giants are upgrading AIoT landing smart home as a strategic goal, using their expertise to compete for the entrance to the home.

Traditional home improvement companies and building materials and household enterprises, in addition to competition among peers, but also to face the squeeze of the technology giants. Wu Xishan hope to provide home improvement enterprises to enhance the combat effectiveness of the “weapon” – “the past home improvement enterprises to do smart home is a plus, now do not do is a minus, because the peer competition, cross-border entry of the giant are In the making.”

“Hilk can provide smart home products and technologies for home improvement and building materials companies, empower the home improvement industry and designers, and help home improvement companies open a new era of Internet smart home improvement.” In Wu Xishan’s plan, he hopes Hilk will establish 25 operation centers and 300 smart home stores in 300 cities across the country to provide smart home products and solutions for enterprises, real estate companies, home improvement companies and designers across the country, so that enterprises can easily “go home work”. “