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2021 German Design Award Announced, More Than 50 Bathroom Products Won

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Recently, 2021 German Design Award (German Design Award) announced the full list of winners. Affected by the epidemic, the award ceremony of this year’s German Design Award was cancelled, and only all the winning products (works) were listed on the official website. This year, more than 50 bathroom products won the German Design Award, Jomoo, Ideal Sanitary Ware, Hansgrohe, Lixil, Grohe, HANSA, HEWI, Kermi and other well-known domestic and foreign companies have products won.

Award-winning product: ICONIC Collection

Award-winning company: Jomoo

Jomoo technology wind bathroom space. It integrates the concept of IoT intelligence into the overall design of the bathroom and integrates voice recognition control system. Several of its products can be controlled by gesture or voice. The shower toilet can automatically recognize the user, automatically flip the lid, flush and disinfect. The UV module in the shower mirror can disinfect and dry towels.

SIGNATURE Collection


It has a modular structure. It can be flexibly configured according to customer needs. The combination of clean lines and quality materials creates a modern look for the bathroom.

VOYAGE Collection


Jomoo is an integral bathroom collection developed specifically for hotels, with several products in the series available in different sizes and specifications.



Hansgrohe and Phoenix Design have created a smart toilet. It uses the simple and elegant design language of Bauhaus to return to the true and pure cleanliness and comfort.



Available in matte white and matte black, it creates an elegant and modern atmosphere for the bathroom.



combines the functionality of a shower in a stylish control panel that is both clear and simple to use. It allows the selection of different spray types by means of illuminated icons on the glass surface.



A shower button that can be placed anywhere. It allows you to select the type of spray as well as fine manipulation of temperature and volume.

Shower Integrated Toilet Remote Controller


Smart toilet operator panel for public toilets, with icons designed for global universality.

Resilience Toilet (In Consideration of Disasters)


A public toilet that can be used in special situations such as disasters, helping to prevent illnesses and reduce environmental stress.

GROHE Rainshower 310 SmartConnect


The overhead spray is controlled by a battery-powered remote control and has three types of water discharge. It can be easily installed on existing shower columns.

GROHE Essence Ceramics


It includes three sizes of basins and can also be paired with floor or wall mounted toilets. All products in this series feature the same flexible lines as the Essence bathtub.

GROHE Sensia Arena Remote Control


The slim, rounded design guarantees a handy feel on which all operations of the Sensia Arena smart toilet can be performed.



Grohe wall drain system with plug-and-play power and water supply. It allows easy installation of the Sensia Arena Smart Toilet by Grohe.



Smart shower with LED display on the back. It allows you to visualize the temperature, flow rate and other working status of the shower.

SX | AX Serie| Shower Enclosure

Blue Bathroom (Ideal Bathroom)

The slim profile and contours of the shower enclosure provide a high degree of transparency and allow for trouble-free use.

BX Series | Shower Enclosure

Blue Bathroom (Ideal Bathroom)

Featuring a comfortable and smooth sliding mechanism, it also uses a smart card snap release system. The door can be easily removed for cleaning.

SW Series | Shower Enclosure

Blue Bathroom (Ideal Bathroom)

The SW Series shower enclosure is designed to keep the rollers visible for more intuitive opening and closing.

SW Series | Accessories

Blue Bathroom (Ideal Bathroom)

Geometric contours are combined with a slightly stretched gripping surface. It creates a sculptural aesthetic and ensures a comfortable touch.


Bussmann Bathroom

The subtle frame construction achieves superb transparency and brings an elegant overall impression to this shower enclosure.


HOESCH Design GmbH

The freestanding bathtub is capable of being used by two people for a simultaneous bath. It is made of acrylic and has a smooth and well-insulated surface.


Effegibi SRL

YOKU SH is made of natural materials such as wood and glass. Users can enjoy sauna, Turkish bath or normal shower in it.

WC-Druckspüler TEMPOMATIC mit dualer Steuerung


The surface of the flush valve has been streamlined. The overall modern and high-quality texture is intuitive and easy to operate.

Elektronischer Flüssigseifenspender


The winner is the electronic soap dispenser in the middle. The infrared sensor automatically detects the hands and avoids hand contamination.

LOKI hand dryer


A hand dryer that is visually clean. The overhanging front panel makes the device look like it is floating in the air.

Easy Drain Dryphon

Easy Sanitary Solutions GmbH

The siphon of the floor drain uses Dryphon technology to block odors from the drain without using water.

Container TCL-11

Easy Sanitary Solutions GmbH

Concealed storage and waste container. It is available in white, cream, coal, black or brushed color finishes.

Easy Drain M-line

Easy Sanitary Solutions GmbH

An invisible floor drain for showers with a flat design that keeps the space aesthetically pleasing.

Easy Drain Diamond

Easy Sanitary Solutions GmbH

Also an invisible floor drain with the shape of a stealth fighter.

emco round

Emco Bad GmbH

The shower mirror is available in classic chrome or matte black finish. You can install it with screws, but it can also be installed with drilled holes.


Ceramica Catalano S.p.A.

It is built with a titanium material called Cataglaze+. It also has a unique design.

HEWI Beistellwagen

HEWI Heinrich Wilke GmbH

A bathroom trolley that can be used as an extension of the bathroom cabinet. It also provides storage space in the shower.

LOKI dispenser stand


A disinfection stand for use in public restrooms.


Vaselli Marmi

It is a vanity made of natural stone. Each element has a sculptural beauty and looks like a work of art.


Jaquar & Company Pvt. Ltd.

The faucet has a classic, slim profile and is available in nine colors and six finishes.

Woodio Soft40

Woodio Oy

Developed by Woodio Oy, it is made of the world’s first 100% waterproof solid wood composite. It has a wood content of about 80% and the rest of its composition is resin material.



The BOÉ collection draws its inspiration from rock formations. The silhouette is a perfect reproduction of the light and shadow of the mountains. The delicate contours create the illusion of a floating bathtub.

XPOSH Faucet

The Siam Sanitary Fittings Co.

The unique lines of the faucet give it an elegant air. Its ergonomically designed handle provides a comfortable grip.

Kermi White Line

Kermi GmbH

Kermi is celebrating its 40th anniversary with the White Line collection, all in white and minimalist design.

Smart QUIZ

Construplas, S.L.U.

Shower sump, available in a variety of styles and colors. The floor drain has an invisible design that blends perfectly into the center of the sump.


Provex Industrie GmbH

Made of high quality stainless steel AISI 316L and aluminum. Its sleek and modern design of hinges, handles and brackets delivers an elegant, lightweight feel.


Conform Badmöbel GmbH

Small and fresh bathroom furniture, its main cabinet panel is only 8 mm thick, beautiful and space-saving.


CONTI Sanitärarmaturen GmbH

This is a shower product that introduces sensor technology. It is designed in slim stainless steel. It is suitable for public shower areas in swimming pools, gyms, etc.

The Bloom

Shenzhen Yunding Information Technology Co., Ltd.

A toothbrush receptacle that can hold up to four toothbrushes. It can also sterilize toothbrushes.


Klafs GmbH & Co. KG

Multifunctional home sauna. It has a customizable exterior and fits into a variety of home spaces.

Koralle SL510/SL515

Koralle Sanitärprodukte GmbH

The most distinctive feature is the five gold bars at the top. The black design with the white chain of the sliding door brings a different shower experience.



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