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It’s Time To Change A Shower? How To Choose? Once You Look, You Will Understand All!

Bathroom Business School

I wonder if you have such an experience?

After a day of work, you want to take a shower to relax at home.

You find that the water output of the shower at home is very small.

The quality of hardware bathroom products that do not pass

Often prone to metal contaminant precipitation value exceeds the standard.

Uneven flow, water efficiency level is not qualified.

Short service life and other problems.

This will not only cause trouble to consumers’ daily lives.

This may also cause the waste of water resources.

This is like the tap ticking in the middle of the night.

Is it a matter of paying an extra water bill?

The current market sales of a wide range of bathroom products.

Consumers in the purchase.

Often worry about whether the products they buy have quality problems.

The use of various functions whether to meet the relevant standards.

Today I will explain to you.

In the purchase of bathroom products should be how to do

To avoid buying inferior products as far as possible.


Hardware bathroom product categories of science

From the perspective of ordinary family use, hardware sanitary products can be broadly divided into the following categories: showers, spouts, showers, hoses, angle valves, floor drains, sanitary ware drainage accessories, toilet pressure flushing device, non-contact water supply apparatus, bathroom accessories.

Consumers in physical stores or e-commerce platform to buy and sell

How to identify the quality of its products?

I summarized the following points to help you to identify.

1, Look at the packaging

First, the product packaging should be marked in Chinese with the product name, manufacturer name, factory address and product standards and other necessary information.

Second, the package should have product instructions and a certificate of conformity. And the certificate of conformity should be a trademark, inspector code, production date and other necessary information.

Standardized packaging identification not only provides convenience for consumers to purchase, but also to protect the consumer’s right to know. Consumers in the purchase, should try to avoid buying “three no products”.

2, Look at the appearance

The surface of the product should be smooth, feel rough, burr products not only affect the user experience, and is likely to bring unnecessary harm to the user. In addition, for products with coating, plating, should check the coating, plating is fine and uniform. Check whether there is a dewy bottom, peeling and other undesirable phenomena. Poor quality coating, plating layer not only affects the beauty of the product, and easy to make the product substrate by external corrosion, bringing health and safety hazards.

3, Look at the assembly

Check whether the operating parts of the product (such as the spout handle, angle valve switch) are light, smooth, flexible, and firmly connected. In addition to the inconvenience caused by the operation of the product card block to the user, and will reduce the service life of the product.

4, Look at the flow rate

Too much flow is likely to cause waste of water resources, not in line with the requirements of conservation and environmental protection. The flow rate is too small and will greatly reduce the user experience. Therefore, the national standard for water appliances (such as kitchen faucets, basin faucets, showerheads, etc.) have mandatory regulations on the flow. By checking whether these products have water efficiency mark or label water efficiency level can identify whether the flow meets the requirements.

Water spout – water efficiency level

5, Check the report

Ask the salesperson whether the product they want to buy this section has a third-party test report. At present, the formal product manufacturers or agents sellers will produce or sell their own products in accordance with the corresponding standards commissioned by qualified third-party laboratories to test.

The above points are relatively easy to achieve when shopping for products in physical stores.

And to identify the quality of the product when shopping online, the

There is indeed a certain degree of difficulty.

So I have summarized the following points.

for your reference.


Online shopping identification tips

1, Choose the brand.

In the choice of online shopping before you can search through the network search engine product reputation, try to choose brand products.

2, Look at the introduction.

Look at the product page on the introduction of the materials used in the product. At present, high-quality hardware sanitary products are usually made of stainless steel or copper.

3, Look at the report.

Check the leaflet has no third-party quality inspection report of this product. Brand sellers will usually show the qualified test reports on the online store page.

4, Look at the evaluation.

Check the purchase of the required online product evaluation. In particular, to see if there is a record of bad reviews, as well as bad reviews of other buyers feedback is the main problem. This will often have unexpected help.

Learn this.

You can take a comfortable bath again.



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