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A Lazy Patient’s Bathroom Design That Makes Cleaning 10 Times Easier!

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My friends and I have been together for a long time, they all suggested that I should get a consultation to find out what might be going on.
A few days ago, a group of people had an outdoor picnic, finally a full consultation of my various clinical symptoms, and finally regret that there is no cure due to laziness for too long.
Today, on a whim, I call out to my circle of friends. In the vast circle of friends, how many of them are lazy like me. In more than 200 friends, actually received more than 10,000 replies, not including those lazy guys, praise can convey support on more than a thousand, the scene is enough to make a curtain, a sheet.
As a senior lazy person, the one thing we all dread cleaning up is probably the bathroom. It’s hard to get a clean, but it’s never cleaner than 3 days!
Yellow mold in the crevices, ubiquitous hair, and messy bottles and jars push the limits of what you can endure on a daily basis.

In fact, many of the bathroom cleaning problems are caused by the irrational design in the beginning, if the bathroom design is more scientific and reasonable, after moving in, you do not have to spend time every day to wash and scrub, the bathroom can also be clean as new.


Reject Complex Design

Look at a lot of decoration renderings as well as bathroom business introduction, the heart of their own decoration must be installed particularly nice. Engage some tracing plaster lines, put a carved wood bathroom cabinet, which can make it look like very rich, in fact ……

This kind of bathroom is high, but it really doesn’t fit our small house, even the wet and dry separation is almost too small to do, so just have a look at the picture, which is enough.

Let everything become simple, simple equals convenient. This minimalist trend just catered to the psychology of many young people, so the bathroom equipment has become direct and “minimalist”.

Keep the walls clean on it, do not do too much modeling in order to pursue aesthetics, or bad cleaning, long-term moisture is also easy to mold.


Refuse To Clean Dead Spots.


The utilization rate of the sink is very high, and of course, the more you use it, the faster it will get dirty, we will always have a lot of water stains left after washing things or washing. If you don’t clean up the water stains in time, it will leave all kinds of marks and so on for a long time, which will be particularly ugly and messy.

The basin is the king of conversation in the bathroom, people are always keen to discuss, which is better, the basin on the counter or the basin under the counter? Often people who support the on-stage basin said, the basin under the table has no sense of space, not enough beauty. The people who support under the table basin said, under-the-table basin connected to the countertop at the sanitary glass gel for will be easy to get molded after a long time, there are also some dead ends.

If in the installation, choose the right glass glue (mildew neutral silicone, epoxy sealant), as can be kept for years without mold, not black.

Whether it is a basin, under-the-counter basin itself is actually no problem, the main thing is to install, whether or not to consider these problems. Do not want to be troubled by these problems, there is a third option, integrated basin, there will be no dead corners, beautiful, good scrubbing.

Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom cabinet, from a distance, look at the picture below, there may still be a few points of envy, beautiful color scheme, storage space is also enough.

After a long time, take a closer look, may not make people feel so good, the bottom of the dead corner, mop, broom is not good enough to clean up in the long term.

In order to solve this health corner, there are two programs, the first is directly make the bathroom cabinet touch the ground, like the bathroom cabinet without “legs”.

The second is to let the bathroom cabinet overhang, choose to hang the bathroom cabinet.

Let the ground space becomes large, mop, broom can easily clean up, as for everyone hanging bathroom cabinet several questions, the following one by one answer.

(1) Bathroom cabinet hanging, looks like it will fall off after a long time, load bearing will be a problem? Not at all!

(2) Can I hang bathroom cabinets that are not load-bearing walls? Absolutely.

(3) Can I hang bathroom cabinets over 1.5? Yes, if four fixing points aren’t enough, then add a few more.

Semi-Open Mirror Cabinet

In these two years, the mirror cabinet has become the bathroom decoration of the obvious, it is true that from the point of view of reducing health corners, mirror cabinet can even make the countertop empty, because of the accumulation of items, resulting in health corners also disappeared.

However, people only tell you to install mirror cabinet, not tell you how to install, such as the above picture is an example of failure, installed a row of mirror cabinet, and common items, still stacked on the sink counter, will still cause hygiene dead ends.

In fact, the person doing this probably did not understand a problem: the sink area, in fact, should be a combination of visible and invisible storage, because you can not put all the toiletries into the cabinet, every time you use, have gone through an opening and closing the cabinet.

In contrast, this kind of semi-open mirror cabinet is much better to allow the frequently used items, into the open storage compartment, to avoid the accumulation of countertops, resulting in sanitary dead space. As for the storage compartment, the fact that the frequency of scrubbing, even once every two months, does not feel visually dirty at all. The amount of added chores is negligible.

Wall-Mounted Shelves

For those who renovated two years ago and didn’t install a mirror cabinet, there is no way to avoid “sanitary corners caused by the accumulation of toiletries”? Apparently not, there is another thing in this world called “wall-mounted storage rack”. They are inexpensive and have a lot of uses.

They can prevent items from accumulating and keep the countertop clean and tidy. And they all have one thing in common, that is easy to clean, when you need to clean, take it down, just flush with water.

Wall Drain.

Although the floor row is small, it does become an important sanitary dead space, and the mop has to go around several times to clean it every time it passes by.

In addition to hygiene dead ends, there is a particularly significant problem, is the return of odor, inserted directly into the floor drain pipe cracks, stench, insects all up at once.

In contrast, the advantages of the wall row are too obvious, look simple, so that the floor has no sanitary corners, there will be no return of the phenomenon of odor. For not in the decoration, with the wall row, health corners is unable to change. For the return of the odor problem, it can be sealed through the plug to improve.

Wall-Mounted Toilet

For the dead-end problem, there are two types of toilets, one is a wall-mounted toilet and the other is a floor-mounted toilet. The gap behind the floor-type toilet is a famous bathroom dead-end. To completely clean up, only people lying behind the toilet, clean up with a rag.

And, the glass gel used to articulate the floor at the renovation, do not pay attention to the use of the correct glass gel, later will be more prone to mold, a small black circle over time, very unattractive. In contrast, wall-mounted toilets are much better, the bottom can be swept away. Visually also more transparent, lighter.

In the past two years, also particularly popular a wall-mounted toilet is as shown above. In order to wall-mounted toilet tank has a place to put, build a half-wall, but accidentally harvest a niche for the storage of paper towels and other toilet area debris.

Half-Wall Shower Room

I have previously read a large number of cases of wet and dry separation, and I can say that most people step into this “well” and are complacent. The wet/dry separation that most people tan is as follows.

The one-size-fits-all shower is next to the bathroom cabinet. It’s expected that they can derp like this to get out of the sun, but it should still be a new house and they haven’t experienced the pain of the first cleaning yet. They can’t get their hands in there to clean.

In fact, the smarter way to face this kind of small house is to use half wall, which is directly connected to the partition.

Or you can make a whole wall directly connected to the side of the bathroom cabinet.


Upward Borrowing Space

Washing milk, shampoo and other bottles and cans of bathroom is a regular guest, if you usually leave them on the sink, or window sill, then do not discard their home bathroom like a junkyard.

Might as well set up a wall-mounted mirror cabinet to “hang up” the original vanity surface of the bits and pieces, by the power of the mirror cabinet.

You can also set up open niches on the wall. A niche is a small compartment placed in the wall. They are perfect for the bathroom. Convenient and sturdy no matter how much water is spilled will not rot or rust, more convenient than the shelves bought.

Warm reminder: niches can only be constructed on non-load-bearing walls!

Some frequently used items can be kept in open niches and other less frequently used items in bathroom cabinets so that the countertop will have less accumulation of items and will be easier to wipe down.


Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Cleaning The Shower Head

White Vinegar

Shower heads can get a layer of limescale on the surface after a while, looks dirty. Breed bacteria if you don’t pay attention to the cleanliness, can block the spout after a while!

Take a plastic bag, pour white vinegar into it, wrap it around the shower head and secure it with a rubber band, soak it for 1 hour and then turn on the water, not only does the scale clean up, but the white vinegar also helps disinfect and sterilize it~

Mirror Anti-Fogging


Bathroom mirrors often get toothpaste, water stains, and all sorts of other things on them, and when there’s steam, you can’t see anything if it’s foggy. It’s a good idea to wipe the mirror surface with soap and then dry it with a dry cloth.

After the surface of the mirror becomes film, shiny and clean, no longer fog!

Clean Tiles

Toothbrush + Toothpaste

The seams of the toilet tiles are easily yellowed and blackened, so using a toothbrush with toothpaste and washing powder can effectively brush away the stains.

After brushing, rinse with water, the floor and walls will be white as new~

Clean Exhaust Fan

Exhaust fans help to keep toilets dry, but are often overlooked as places where we hide dirt because of the inconvenience of cleaning them!

The first step is to remove the fan cover, soak it in soapy water and wash it, then dry it.

Step 2: Wet a rag in soapy water, wring it out and carefully scrub the fan blades and vents, then wipe them off with a dry towel.

Finally, install the dried fan cover as it is and you’re done.