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Spanish Bathroom Giant Roca To Triple Production Capacity In India Over The Next Three Years

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Spanish bathroom giant Roca (hereinafter referred to as Roca) has said that the company will aim to double its revenue in the Indian market in the next five years.

Roca operations director KE Ranganathan said that the company has a long-term plan for this and one of its current focus will be to increase exports of products to the Indian side.

“At this stage, in our global supply chain, products from the Indian producing region account for about 3% of our total production. In the next three to four years, we hope to increase this to about 10 per cent.” KE Ranganathan said, “Against the backdrop of the frenzy of the neo-crown epidemic receding, our customers around the world are expecting us to ramp up production from our growing regions in India.”

Roca now has a total of eight factories in India, and its products include sanitary ware, faucets and other bathroom products. As a global company, Roca’s main export markets include the US, Australia, Europe, South Africa, South America and Malaysia.

According to KE Ranganathan, India’s demand for sanitary products is expected to grow steadily through 2021. According to Roca, India’s organised sanitary market (a market comprising of large stores and major brands) has a market share of around 30%.

Although India is still plagued by the neo-crown epidemic, Roca said that the country’s market is expected to return to the pre-neo-crown epidemic level in September, and Roca’s business will return to the normal level in October to November.

During the outbreak, Roca accordingly launched a large number of contact-free products: electronic induction faucets, pedal faucets and electronic induction flush toilets. These products were well received in the Indian market due to their ability to effectively reduce human-to-human contact and prevent cross-contamination of the virus.

KE Ranganathan concluded, “The company’s business in India will see growth again around October this year.”