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A Light And Luxurious Marble Bathroom. It Is The Most Attractive Bathroom Design Style!

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Marble bathroom design 

Bathroom is the most private space in a house. In the past, we are more concerned about the practicality of the bathroom. Today’s young people are increasingly demanding quality of life bathroom to be practical and comfortable, but also to be stylish. It is also a place that reflects a person’s taste. So, there are personalities then the bathroom in the end How to design it? We look at the bathroom design case!



The use of glass shower room to make wet and dry partition, senior gray and bronze metal and white marble with the retro romantic. The bar tile behind the sink uses herringbone to enhance the layering of space, and is embellished with in-wall hardware and wall sconces to give off a unique spatial charm.



The marble pattern is like an open scroll, running through the master bathroom and the dressing room. The relationship of space and life experience is rich and layered.



White marble with delicate texture is used for decoration, while the interior is in gentle light tones. The champagne colored metal objects are the finishing touch to the space, and the sophistication is evident.



The texture of natural stone appears to be free and open, extracting natural elements into modern luxury living, and creating a sense of simplicity and nobility.



From the bathing area to the sink, the dexterous structure makes the functions no longer interfere with each other. Reasonable use of partitions will achieve a clean and comfortable bathroom environment. The ultimate minimalist style is matched with the marble texture of the wall. The lush greenery outside the window is painted to stimulate the interest, which makes the space show the quality of life in the elegant minimalism.



The simple and elegant tone of the space, together with the fine bathroom, shows the humanized design consideration. Sapphire marble block serves as the finishing touch to the space, like the charming waves of the sea. The boundless blue of the sky and a line of city view outside the shutters. The interior is dense with water vapor. A tune is romantic and relaxing, cozy and delicate. All kinds of beautiful feelings are slowly born here.



The clear lines of the stone make the whole space transparent and wide. After a hard day’s work, you can relax here and enjoy a moment that is completely your own.



The bathroom design is simple, yet full of details. The marble pattern is just right, quiet and unobtrusive. The bathroom is dominated by floor-to-ceiling gray glass. This is both empty and bright, but also emphasizes the privacy, but also perfectly cut space. That hazy feeling makes the space colorful and full of content even after leaving white. The strange and orderly shape makes the space less boring and monotonous. Such inconsistent beauty perfectly harnesses its practicality.



Ink splash marble fills the bathroom with an elegant writing temperament. The simplicity of the space is brightened by the gorgeous and perfect match.



Equipped with a freestanding bathtub and shower, the cream marble comes with its own texture and is extremely rich in texture while matching the original wood color pattern.



Continuing the same style as the previous room, the white marble shows the modern fashion, while rendering an elegant and luxurious tone.



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