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Hansgrohe Does Not Only Sell Faucets And Showers, It Will Expand The Product Category

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Hansgrohe boss Hans Jürgen Kalmbach recently revealed in an interview with the German media that Hansgrohe wants to expand its product range in Europe and customers will be able to buy Hansgrohe’s washbasins and accessories, etc. Hansgrohe has been selling mainly faucets and showers in the European market, but in the Chinese market already sells sinks, bathroom cabinets, and toilets.

Hansgrohe currently has five wholly owned factories worldwide. It has two located in Germany. It has one in France, one in the United States and one in China. hansgrohe Group has a turnover of 1.074 billion euros in 2020.

According to Kalmbach, Hansgrohe has to optimize the water consumption and energy consumption of its bathroom products in order to continue selling its products there, now that some water-scarce countries have set strict water standards. Hansgrohe saves water by injecting air into the showerhead without compromising the shower experience. He suspects that in the near future there will be showerheads that do not require water. It is similar to a vacuum cleaner used for body hygiene.

Hansgrohe Does Not Only Sell Faucets And Showers, It Will Expand The Product Category - Blog - 1

The Hansgrohe Group recently invested 30 million euros in a new plastic plating plant. It has expanded its Offenburg location by more than 10,000 square meters. To further increase the number of workers at the Offenburg plant, Kalmbach describes Hansgrohe as using an incentive mechanism. In July, only 32 new employees were added to the Offenburg, Weierstadt plant.

Kalmbach also said that green production is becoming increasingly important in influencing customers’ purchasing decisions. By 2022, all Hansgrohe production sites worldwide will be carbon neutral.



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