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Bathroom Accessories Are Faulty, After Sales Maintenance Is Shirked

Bathroom Accessories Are Faulty, After Sales Maintenance Is Shirked

Bathroom Accessories Are Faulty, After Sales Maintenance Is Shirked - Blog - 1

Bathroom sanitary ware product complaints are the most difficult to deal with the problem of damage. Factory, packing, logistics, handling and many other links may cause product breakage, and the responsibility is difficult to determine. Recently, the Pudong New Area Consumer Protection Commission received a complaint. The consumer found a large increase in the water bill at home. After searching, it was found that the toilet seat was broken.

Consumer Mr. Huang reflected that he purchased a brand of toilet seat online in April last year. He recently found a problem – usually the family monthly water bill of up to 50 yuan, but this month to pay 300 yuan. After a closer look, he found that the toilet flushes switch leaks. Mr. Huang contacted the platform store, and the other party said they were only responsible for after-sales and installation. Quality problems should be solved by the factory.

But the manufacturer “kicked the ball” again. They said the switching leakage is the installation problem, and let Mr. Huang go back to the store. After some tossing and turning, both the store and the factory denied that there was a problem with their own link, and the consumer had no choice but to seek help from the Consumer Protection Commission.

Bathroom Accessories Are Faulty, After Sales Maintenance Is Shirked - Blog - 2

After receiving the complaint, the CPSC staff contacted Ms. Wang, the seller. It informed them that they contracted the installation work to a third party, and the consumer signed the confirmation after they finished the installation. At the same time, the seller also believed that Mr. Huang’s leaking toilet was caused by improper use. After repeated coordination with the Consumer Protection Commission, the sales side said they refused to bear the water bill and only agreed to let Mr. Huang pick some gifts. In this regard, Mr. Huang could not accept and said he continued to defend his rights through other means.

The Consumer Protection Commission found that the processing of complaints in the bathroom sanitary ware category seems to be simple, but in fact, the business and manufacturers are passing the buck to each other and refuse to take responsibility. Once the goods are sold, after-sales service is not guaranteed. It is also one of the problems that are often complained about in the bathroom products industry. As in this case, the quality of a small accessory will determine whether the product can be used properly, and the brand products and general product quality of water parts is very different.

Consumer Protection Commission reminded consumers that when choosing a toilet product, do not ignore the water parts of this link. In the purchase, we must carefully check the water parts. It is best to have been installed before the factory. Check whether the structure is compact, movable connection parts are sensitive and reliable and whether the water sealing part is flat. Buyers should also learn more about the material of the water parts, water-saving performance and after-sales service. For problems that occur within the warranty period, the business should try to solve for consumers.



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