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Amazing! 3-6 M² Bathroom Should Be Installed Like This!

Bathroom Business School

Want to transform the small bathroom of 3-6 ㎡ into a large space bathroom. A single use of light color expansion is not enough. You must make more humane interpretation of the decoration, in order to perfectly solve the problem of small bathrooms.


Q1: space is narrow, the installation of bathroom products is difficult?

Solution: embedded decoration in the wall, wall-mounted bathroom products.

For small bathrooms with narrow space, more consideration should be given to the use and transformation of the walls when planning. Excavate the space inside the wall into a storage world. This will reduce the footprint and balance the spaciousness. This also looks less space-consuming.

For example: in-wall mirror cabinets or built-in bathroom cabinets, storage shelves.


Q2: Can not fit the shower, wet and dry difficult to separate

Solution: Use the shower curtain wisely  

Use the shower curtain smartly. Shower curtain is generally made of plastic or nylon and other materials, with a certain windproof and waterproof effect, but also can effectively maintain the temperature of the bathing area.


Q3: Small bathroom makes people feel depressed and crowded

Solution: Use mirrors to expand and enlarge the space

Mirrors and other mirrored materials can make the visual depth increase, so that the bathroom looks more than double the effect of the actual area, extending the line of sight, and there will be no feeling of oppression and crowded.


Q4: Insufficient lighting, the location of the open window is difficult to change

Solution: Transform half walls, use permeable materials

You can take an open bathroom and use permeable glass to merge with other areas of the room. You can also just knock down the upper part of the wall between the bathroom and the bedroom/living room. Frosted glass can be used to decorate the part of the wall that is removed to solve the problem of lack of light.



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