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Are All The Kitchen Faucets’ Hole Size The Same?

Replacing kitchen faucets is an important decision, and many factors need to be considered, especially when replacing faucets from other companies. you must know what is your kitchen faucet hole size.

In the United States, standard sizes are used for holes in kitchen faucets and sinks. For center set faucets, the spacing of the tapped holes is 4 inches, whereas for wide-range faucets, the distance between the hot inlet and cold inlet or mounting hardware is 8 inches. All faucet holes are 13/8 inch standard size, but some faucets are 11/2 inch.

Are All The Kitchen Faucets' Hole Size The Same? - Blog - 1

Also, kitchen cabinets are typically 36-42 inches high and 25-1/4-26 inches high. Therefore, a 22-inch sink is correct for a 36-inch kitchen cabinet. Simply put, the installation below is the same from all kitchen faucets.

When replacing the kitchen faucet, you need to consider the number of holes in the sink and the distance between the holes.

In the case of a 3-hole kitchen sink, a kitchen faucet called a deck plate covers the three holes. For a 4-hole kitchen sink, use an additional hole for a soap dispenser or sprayer on the 3-hole kitchen faucet.

Generally, for a two-hole kitchen sink in a bar or spare sink, the holes are used for single-hole kitchen faucets, and the other holes are used for additional accessories such as soap dispensers or sprayers.

The single hall kitchen sink uses a single hall kitchen faucet. Flange cup and accessories are not used. Also, when replacing a kitchen faucet, measure the following:

  • Overall depth- measures the depth to the end of the sink where it meets the counter at the lowest point of the sink drain.
  • Overall width- is measured from the front to the back of the outermost edges of the sink.
  • Overall length- is measured from the left to the right of the outermost edges of the sink.
  • Faucet size- For double handle faucets, measure the distance from the center of the handle to the center of the faucet. For single handle faucets, measure the distance between the water supply lines placed under the faucet.

Are All The Kitchen Faucets' Hole Size The Same? - Blog - 2

Typically, modern faucets have a 3/8 inch flex line already installed. In this case, check whether the shutoff valve is 3/8 inch. For ½ inch, you should replace it with a 3/8 inch shutoff valve. Also, old ones usually cause problems, so it’s a good idea to replace the shut-off valve with a new one. So, to ensure compatibility, you need to know the size of the water pipe and the specifications of the faucet.

In summary, replacing your kitchen faucet with another faucet from the same company, especially if both the faucet and sink are made in the USA, you won’t have any problems with fittings. Foreign (i.e. non-US) faucets or sinks may have installation problems, but that’s very rare.

All you have to decide is whether you need a handle or side sprayer, and whether you need a single lever or two handle kitchen faucet.

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