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How to Caulk a Stainless Steel Sink Easily? – Step By Step

Granite countertops are the most popular countertop type for great modern kitchens. Not only is this counter brilliant, it is also durable and very easy to clean. In general, we prefer to use granite countertops with sparkling stainless steel kitchen sinks. This kitchen sink must be caulked to prevent water from getting under the kitchen sink.

How to Caulk a Stainless Steel Sink Easily? - Step By Step - Blog - 1

Things you need

*Rubbing Alcohol
*Caulking Gun

How to Caulk a Stainless Steel Sink Easily? - Step By Step - Blog - 2

Step 1 Prepare a granite countertop

First, clean the granite countertop. Coke residue from a granite counter that rubs alcohol can be disinfected and cleaned. If you have other kitchen sinks that previously needed caulking, it is very important to scrape out the old cork as the new sink will see the gloss up. Old coke can be easily scratched with a sharp tool like a knife or razor blade.

Step 2 Sink measurement

Second, insert the sink to make sure the values ​​measured before purchasing the sink are correct. After making sure you have purchased the best product for your granite countertop, it’s time to put the caulking silicone in place.

There is a cork outline on which the sink sits. While performing this procedure, lift the stainless steel sink high enough so that the tip of the caulking gun can go under the sink. Place approximately 3/4 inch coke silicon in the corner of the corner where the sink meets the granite countertop.

Step 3 Fix sink

Sink fixation may vary depending on the granite counter. So, some counters need to secure nuts and screw sinks. In the instruction manual you can find the exact instructions for the model.
TIP: Be sure to read before starting the caulking process.
Next, place the sink slowly and apply a little pressure on the stainless steel sink with coke underneath. Then put the sink down, and the extra caulk can come out on the brink.

Step 4  Add Caulking

Lift the stainless steel sink slightly enough to fit the caulking gun and follow the last step. Then keep track of the rest of the sink and completely seal all edges of the sink. This process can be faster if you hold the glove and caulk your fingers. Carefully slide the coke into the remaining visible gap. Excessive caulking should be removed from the edges for a smooth, dry and professional look.

Step 5 Leave It Dry

Before using a stainless steel sink, wait at least 72 hours for the caulk to dry completely. If used before the sink dries, it may cause movement gap finish failure.

Step 6  Final Check

After 72 hours, return to the sink to make sure the coke is completely dry and thoroughly applied to all edges. Even the smallest holes allow food, water and unwanted substances to enter under the sink.

After all these, you can start to drill standard kitchen faucet hole, which can fix most kind of kitchen faucets you can find in market, a brand new kitchen is right here!




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