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Attention! 24 Batches Of Bathroom Products Failed The Sampling Inspection

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In recent months, a number of provincial and municipal market supervision departments announced a new batch of product quality supervision and sampling, involving bathroom products including intelligent toilet cover, spout, shower, electric faucet, hose, etc., a total of 24 batches of products were found to be unqualified. Among them, Guangdong Market Supervision Bureau sampling found 2 batches of smart toilet cover grounding measures failed, and another batch of fast-heating electric faucet power connection failed, consumers need to pay attention to.

Guangdong Provincial Administration of Market Supervision.

2 batches of smart toilet cover failed

April 15, the Guangdong Provincial Administration of Market Supervision website announced the 2020 annual supervision and sampling of intelligent product quality in Guangdong Province. A total of 131 enterprises produced smart wearable devices, smart toilet lids, smart door locks and other 3 types of 230 smart product quality supervision and sampling, found that 6 enterprises produced 6 batches of products failed, including 2 batches of smart toilet cover products, failed items are grounding measures.

No.Product nominal nameProducer NameProducer AddressTrademarkSampling places (or operators)Sampling address (e-commerce platform)Specification / ModelUnqualified items
1Electronic toilet seatFoshan Aomikang Ceramics Co.Store No. 4-6, Block 4, Shop No. 13-16, Chiye Ceramic Wholesale Market, Chancheng District, Foshan City/Guangzhou City, Nansha District, Dongyong full color ceramic storeNo.11, Dongfa Second Road, Dongchong Town, Nansha District, GuangzhouMG-1216Grounding measures
2Full-function toilet coverFoshan Chancheng District Pengjie Sanitary Ware Business DepartmentShop No. 27, 28, Block 12, Shop No. 2, Shiwan Langshi Shagang Section, Shiwan Langshi Wholesale Ceramic Market, Middle Road, Chancheng District, Foshan City, ChinaGraphical trademarksGuangzhou City, Nansha District, Dongchong Jieyi installation engineering departmentNo.44, Dongfa Second Road, Dongchong Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou CityAV-6015GGrounding measures

It is understood that the grounding measures project is mainly to assess whether the product design to take into account in case of insulation failure may be electrically charged apparatus of accessible metal parts, must be permanently and reliably connected to a grounding terminal within the apparatus, or apparatus input jack ground contact. Grounding measures are not qualified to lead to easy access to metal parts are not connected to the power line grounding terminal, if the insulation failure of live parts, the safety of the product will not be guaranteed, prone to electrocution accidents.

Guangdong Provincial Administration of Market Supervision.

1 batch of fast heating electric faucet failed

April 16, the Guangdong Provincial Administration of Market Supervision website issued a notice on the 2020 Guangdong Province, the supervision and sampling of product quality of cleaning and sanitary appliances. The sampling found that 1 batch of fast-heating electric faucet failed, failed items for the power connection and external flexible cable.

No.Product nominal nameManufacturer NameProducer AddressTrademarksSampling site (or operator)Sampling address (e-commerce platform)Specification / ModelFailed items
1Fast heating electric faucetFoshan City Shunde District Keeneland Electrical Manufacturing Co.Building 5, Zhifuyuan Industrial Zone, Shunde, No.8, Second Ring Road, Xingtan Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong ProvinceGenoideGenod flagship storeTmallSJB-30GPower connection and external flexible cable

Hebei Provincial Market Supervision Administration.

10 batches of sanitary ware failed

Recently, the Hebei Provincial Market Supervision Administration website released the results of the March product quality supervision and sampling. The sampling test paints and coatings, autoclaved aerated concrete blocks, friction materials, grinding wheels, rubber sealing products, electrical casing, sanitary ware, impregnated paper laminated wood flooring, electric heating appliances, fasteners, light and small lifting equipment and other products 772 batches, 64 batches of unqualified samples were detected. Among them, the organization sampled 127 batches of sanitary ware products, failed to detect 10 batches of samples, failed items mainly related to the size – length deviation, thread, resistance to the use of load.

No.CityCountySample NameNominal trademarkSpecification ModelInspection (sample collection) unitThe nominal production unitNon-conforming items
1Dingzhou CityHoseShunxin50cmDingzhou Guixian building materials business departmentYuyao City Star Pipe Industry Co.Dimension-Length deviation
2DingzhouFaucetPuhuang/Dingzhou Guixian building materials business departmentXiamen Yijiamei Sanitary Ware Co.Thread
3CangzhouHefei CityFaucetDaewoo to Shang12.4×10.8×3cmHeshan City Lao Liu plumbing storeQuanzhou Yudu Sanitary Ware Co.Thread
4CangzhouSuning CountyFaucet/5040Suining County Guo Jing Plumbing DepartmentYinchao Sanitary Technology Co.Thread
5CangzhouHuanghuaFaucetHome essentialJB-X8315(A1)Homeasy Supermarket Huanghua Co.Shenzhen Home Essential Sanitary Ware Development Co.Thread
6HandanWu’an cityFaucetXiangba Bathroom6028X-ALi Yonggang sanitary ware store in Wu’an town, Wu’an cityFujian Xiangba Sanitary Ware Development Co.Threads
7XingtaiNingjin countyFaucetTangren bathroomTR-807007Ningjin County Hongxin building materials storeNan’an Huade Sanitary Ware Co.Thread; resistance to service load
8XingtaiNingjin countyFaucetShenmuda/Ningjin Hongxin building materials storeQuanzhou Shenmuda Plumbing Sanitary WareThreads
9ShijiazhuangXinle cityHoseSaint Jianglong80Xinle Huada Hardware and Plumbing Wholesale DepartmentYuyao City Lubu Shengjiang Long Sanitary Ware FactorySize – length deviation
10ShijiazhuangXinle cityHoseCrane Spirit100cmXinle Changshou hardware and plumbing storeZhejiang Yuyao Jiaxin Sanitary Ware FactorySize – length deviation

Jilin Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Department.

8 batches of faucets failed

Recently, the website of the Jilin Provincial Department of Market Supervision and Administration released the 2020 Jilin Province, the province of construction and decoration materials product quality supervision and sampling. The total sampling of 185 enterprises production and sales of 430 batches of products, found that 42 batches failed, including 8 batches of faucet products, failed projects involving surface corrosion resistance, thread, assembly, spout water efficiency level, flow, etc.

No.Product Detail NameSpecification ModelProduction date and batch numberName of inspected enterprisesManufacturer NameFailed items
1Ceramic core faucet//Changling County Changling Town Kitchen of the treasure kitchen storeHong Kong International Jiuyi Mu Yi Wang Sanitary Ware Co.Surface corrosion resistance
2Ceramic core faucet//Changling County Changling Town Shunda Sanitary Ware StoreFujian Province Nan’an City Colleton Sanitary Ware FactoryThread, surface corrosion resistance
3Ceramic core faucet//Changling County Red Sun lamps and sanitary ware plumbing storeNan’an City Miaojie Sanitary Ware FactorySurface corrosion resistance
4Gower Opie Faucet (kitchen spout)CN-7212020-07Erdao District Yunhua sanitary ware dealershipRui’an City Gordan Sanitary Ware Co.Assembly
5Ceramic core faucet60L-138/Changling County Changling Town Shunda Sanitary Ware StoreXiamen Rain Hazy Sanitary Ware Co.Water efficiency level of spout, flow rate
6Ceramic Core Faucet//Changling County Changling Town Kitchen of the treasure kitchen storeFujian Quanzhou Hante Sanitary Ware Co.Surface corrosion resistance
7Ceramic Core Faucet//Changling County red sun lamps and lanterns plumbing storeNan’an City Yiyiwu Sanitary Ware Co.Surface corrosion resistance
8Stainless Steel FaucetCW-10/Erdao District contemporary decorative materials merchantsHunan Xiantao Stainless Steel Sanitary Ware Co.Thread

Liuzhou Market Supervision Administration.

3 batches of showerhead failed

Recently, Liuzhou market supervision WeChat public released the 2020 general protective masks and other 45 products supervision and sampling. Among them, the sampling of 7 sellers of 10 batches of shower products, focusing on the product corrosion resistance, flow, overall tensile performance, temperature drop, rotating connection performance, handheld shower anti-siphon performance, spherical connection swing performance, the average spray angle, spray uniformity and other nine items for inspection, found unqualified products 3 batches, failed to find a rate of 30%, failed projects involving handheld Shower anti-siphon performance, spray uniformity.

No.The sampled sellersAddress of the sampled sellerProduct NameTrademarkModel SpecificationProduction date or batch numberFailed itemsThe nominal production enterprise
1Liuzhou Liunan District Water Champion Building Materials Business DepartmentNo. 9 and 10, Building 3, Xinfeng Glass Lighting and Decoration Materials Market, Liuzhou City37 type ultra-thin showerYinlong Bathroom37型2018.01Hand-held shower anti-siphon performance / spray uniformityZhongshan Yinlong Sanitary Ware Co.
2Liuzhou Liunan District water champion building materials business departmentNo. 9 and 10, Building 3, Xinfeng Glass, Lighting and Decoration Materials Market, Liuzhou City366 type water-saving showerYinlong Sanitary Ware366型2019.04Hand shower anti-siphon performanceZhongshan Yinlong Sanitary Ware Co.
3Liuzhou Liunan District Min Jieda building materials storeNo. B8029, 1st floor, New Times Commercial Port (Red Star Macalline Home Shopping Mall), Liuzhou City, Liunan DistrictMultifunctional showerHengtong Sanitary WareHT2019-32019.12.27Hand shower anti-siphon performance/spray uniformityFujian Hengtong Sanitary Ware Co.




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