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Attention You Must Take These Precautions In The Bathroom

The first thing to do is to prevent slippage

A report indicates that the most dangerous bathroom is to step out of the tub or out of the shower action, slip injuries accounted for 9.8% of the total, the first step to safe bathrooms, is to do a good job of anti-slip.

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The first tip: separate wet and dry in the space

Separation of wet and dry means keeping dry space separate from areas that may be flooded. In the bathroom, the main thing is to separate the shower area from the toilet and basin area to keep the area outside of the shower dry, so that you won’t slip and fall when you use it because of water on the floor, which will greatly improve safety.

The second tip: use non-slip materials on the floor

The three main types of bathroom floor tiles to consider are quartz tiles, antique tiles, and macadam tiles. Laying the appropriate slope to ensure the smooth discharge of stagnant water through the floor drain. Also introduced from Taiwan, by natural stone broken from the sip stone is also good non-slip, beautiful and practical. The floor can be selected plywood reinforced hardwood flooring, which has a better moisture-proof and moisture-proof effect.

The third tip: lay anti-slip mats

Stepping out of the shower or out of the bathtub and falling over is a big deal. In order to stop this cheap mistake and the humiliation, the editor strongly recommends that you buy back a non-slip foot mat. Make sure it’s a non-slip foot mat and not a towel! A towel will dry your wet feet, but it’s not non-slip at all.

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Be aware of the bathroom anti-electricity treatment

Electric water heaters, hairdryers, and powered smart products used in bathrooms all have to be in contact with the power source, and there is a large amount of water present in the bathroom. This makes it easy to get electrocuted and makes it more difficult to save yourself because of the water. Bathrooms should, therefore, be treated with special attention to prevent electric shock.

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The first tip: cover outdoor switches and sockets

If an electrical outlet is required in the bathroom, it should also be away from the water source and preferably covered to reduce the risk factor of leakage. The power outlet of the water heater is 2.4 meters high according to the specification and should use the kind of outlet with waterproof safety cover, ordinary sockets can not be used instead.

The second tip: protect the power lines

Do not alter existing electrical circuits in the bathroom after they have been sealed, waterproofed and insulated. For example, there are safety hazards such as fan heaters that cannot be insulated and motors that are not waterproof. You can’t move and install them yourself, and you need to find a professional to deal with the problem. If you change the light bulb yourself, you should also remember to cut off the power line first.

The third tip: use of safe electrical facilities

The first principle of buying bathroom appliances is that they are safe to use and should be waterproof. Don’t buy cheap bathroom appliances that are not up to standard. Do not be greedy and cheap and buy appliances that are not up to standard. At least keep the surrounding environment dry when you are using them, and disconnect the power immediately when they are in contact with water.

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Beware of formaldehyde bacteria in the bathroom

Slip and power, these are visible safety issues, and the editor has to say that the bathroom is a potential health hazard “invisible killer” – formaldehyde and bacteria.

Anti-formaldehyde to avoid poisoning

The formaldehyde in the bathroom mainly comes from bathroom cabinets and other furniture, ceiling and floor plates used. General renovation after half a year, formaldehyde paint smell can only dissipate most. After moving in, it is best to place an appropriate amount of greenery in the bathroom to absorb formaldehyde. You also need to keep the bathroom ventilated to avoid poisoning.

Clear bacteria to avoid infection

If bacteria are not removed from the bathroom, it can lead to allergies. If the situation is serious, it can make you sick with bacteria, so bathroom ventilation is a must. Like the bottom of these bottles and cans of shower gel and cleanser, the seam of the toilet and sink, shower curtain, bathroom cabinets and other dead space should usually be kept clear. Especially towels, more sunshine, maintain dry most important.


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