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Bathroom So Decorated, Can Be 10 Times Larger!

Bathroom Business School

Although the bathroom space is small, it has high requirements for practicality and aesthetic double unity.

Our daily life of brushing teeth and washing face, combing hair, bathing and laundry, etc., are carried out in the bathroom, so in this small area of space, the selection and matching of various accessories is particularly important!

Today we will talk about how to choose and match the main bathroom accessories. Hope you can decorate a beautiful and practical bathroom.

Accessories and overall style should be unified

In addition to being sure to have visual enjoyment, stylization of the kitchen and bathroom is a guideline that many people attach importance to. This emphasis on style is mainly expressed in the style of decoration, decorative style and appliance style.

Although many young people are more creative and individualistic, they are not randomly matching various styles and elements haphazardly. It is recommended that you have selected an ideal style, then from the whole to the details, from the decoration, decoration to the choice of specific appliances, should follow the same principle, to achieve a coordinated echo of the overall kitchen and bathroom.

If the kitchen and bathroom styles are categorized, they can be roughly divided into several categories such as “minimalist, Japanese, retro, and modern”. Different decorative categories require the same selection of kitchen and bathroom appliances.

Minimalist style kitchen and bathroom accessories will be selected in the style of smooth lines, geometric sense of strong appliances. The materials are matte metal and lacquered glass. Most of the colors are black and white gray series, occasionally choose to have color accent appliances.

Japanese-style kitchen and bathroom products will be selected in the style of gentle warm, fresh and delicate. The material is partial baking lacquer, enamel, glass sense. Most of the colors are white, beige, mint green, pink, blue, etc.

Retro style kitchen and bathroom products will be selected in the style of classical noble type. Material is on the stainless steel baking lacquer class. Color selection for cream, red, green, black, prefixes are brought retro always right.

Modern style kitchen and bathroom products choose in the style of Italian tone some. Material bias baking paint, metal, glass sense. Color choice in addition to black and white gray, you can also choose some metallic colors.

From the above examples, it is easy to see that the white color has the ability to last forever. If you do not know how to choose, then choose white accessories is right. After the overall style of the proposal, the following specific to the choice of accessories.

Four functional areas of the accessories to choose and match


  1. Washbasin area

Regional function.

Washbasin in the bathroom is mainly used for washing the face, washing hands of porcelain basin. The washbasin is also divided into two types of basin and under-counter basin. But the current market sales are mainly pure white porcelain basin, and there are also some other materials or other colors of the washbasin. For the pursuit of the individuality of consumers now, prefer special products.

Matching guidelines.

1, Gray tone washbasin and wooden washbasin combination. Wall body with the corresponding wood grain tile products.

2, Glossy surface material color washbasin and wall body paving tile glazed tiles complement each other.

  1. Toilet area

Regional function.

Toilet with one-piece or split type is mainly based on the size of the bathroom space. A separate toilet is more traditional. Production is late with screws and seals to connect the base and tank two layers, occupying more space. Even the joints are easy to hide dirt. The one-piece toilet is more modern and high-grade, beautiful body shape, rich choice, integrated molding. But the price is relatively expensive. Different categories of toilets have their own advantages and disadvantages, suitable for different home situations.

Matching guidelines.

1, According to the tile style of the bathroom space design, add a white toilet with the overall color of the toilet cover.

2, For consumers of a personality, you can buy special color bathroom products.

  1. Bathtub area

Area function.

In the choice of bathtub is the time, there are many elements to consider. The first thing to consider is the brand and material. This is usually determined by the budget for the purchase. Next is the size of the bathtub, the shape, and the location of the faucet hole. These elements are determined by the layout and objective dimensions of the bathroom. In the end, however, the choice is based on your own preferences.

Matching guidelines.

1、The bathtub matches the color of the floor tile product. The place where the bathtub is placed is deliberately paved with tiles of the same color. Surrounded by tiles of different colors, it seems to outline a separate space for bathing, a sense of security rubbed up. Even a large space will not feel uneasy.

2, Bathtub style needs to match the floor tiles

▲Black and white European lines bathtub + European pattern tiles

▲Modern minimalist bathtub + cement wood grain tiles

▲Fresh gray-green bathtub + modern wood grain tiles

  1. Shower room area

Regional function.

Modern homes have increasingly high requirements for bathroom facilities, and many families want to have an independent bathing space. However, due to the limited sanitary space in the living room, bathing facilities and sanitary ware can only be placed in one room. Shower rooms make full use of a corner of the room, and the shower area is clearly divided by a fence, forming a relatively independent bathing space. However, most shower rooms are now divided by tempered glass.

Matching guidelines.

1、The pure white space is embellished with black lines and matched with refined hardware faucets, the overall space is a noble and elegant atmosphere.

2、Blue theme shower room, bright blue-green gives people a sense of refreshment and pleasure. The floor with imitation stone tiles, with both dynamic and static, so that the expression of color is more natural. The overall style is lively and modern, as if standing at the seaside, there seems to be a gust of sea breeze.

3、Forest cavern sense shower room, as if in nature.

Generally speaking, the style of the bathroom also determines the choice of tile color, like the fashionable type is suitable for brighter colors, and the simple type is more suitable for the light color. And the classic type can use some of the more subdued color tiles to match. Bathroom tiles are generally chosen glazed non-slip wear-resistant type tiles, and the high density, low water absorption rate of the product is easier to clean and maintain.

In short, the sparrow is small, with all the guts. The bathroom is also the same. If you want to make the bathroom looks beautiful and practical, you need to pay more attention. I hope the above content will be helpful to you.



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