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Put This Thing In The Toilet Tank, Never Bother To Brush The Toilet Again! And Save A Lot Of Money On Your Water Bill!!!

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Everything in the home can be broken. But if the toilet a problem, no solution to live. Learn these few tricks, the toilet problem a net.

Toilet flow is small

Toilet flushing powerless, the water is very small first do not rush to find a master repair, its. In fact, you only need to move a “small organ” inside the tank, the amount of water immediately becomes larger.

Step 1: open the toilet tank cover. It has two small columns inside. This is the toilet water release connecting rod. It can adjust the length, used to control the strength of the toilet button.

Step 2: There is a screw at the bottom of the two pillars, adjust the connecting rod of the toilet clockwise. As the connecting rod becomes shorter, the water volume of the toilet will become smaller. Turn the connecting rod counterclockwise. As the connecting rod becomes longer, the water volume will become larger.

Source of the above motion picture: We can adjust the length at will according to the actual situation. The water volume of the toilet will be much larger.

Toilet blockage

Method 1: toilet plug

If the toilet clogged at home from time to time, prepare a toilet plug at a critical moment or very convenient.

Method 2: Using air pressure

People with some life experience usually do not like to use the toilet plug because usually when the toilet is clogged, there is not only water in the toilet, but also the waste discharged by the human body. Try to avoid touching them. Using a roll of tape can also solve the problem.

Step 1: Prepare a wide roll of tape and place the tape on the toilet. Be sure to cover the toilet all the way around, leaving no gaps to keep air out.

Step 2: At this point, press the flush button, the toilet water has been almost diffuse out when the pressure on the tape. The water in the toilet will be flushed clean.

Step 3: Remove the tape and press the flush button again. You see, the toilet has been unclogged. Simple and convenient, the key to do so, hands will not be dirty!

Toilet tank can not store water

Condition 1: Clogged filter

There is also a screen inside the toilet refill. The screen is clogged with too much scale over time and the water naturally does not come in. Just take the screen off and find a used toothbrush with some cleaner to scrub it. You can also directly pour a part of the cleaner into the water tank, under normal circumstances can also be removed from the scale.

Condition two: the piston can not be plugged

When the water tank does not go on the water, you can open the tank to see. Observe whether the piston can be plugged. Because if the piston is bad, the water in the tank will flow out, the switch will not reach. As for this problem, just buy a piston to change the line!

Condition three: the float is bad

Open the lid of the tank, see if they float in the tank when there is no water, sink to the bottom. If not, then it proves that the float is bad. Because it can not sink resulting in the upper water port is always in a closed state, so there will be no water phenomenon. In fact, more often than not, the float is stuck to the water can not enter. If this is the case, then you can adjust the cross-eye up and down and turn clockwise to see.

Condition four: the water inlet valve has a problem

Generally speaking, it is possible that the toilet lid is covered by the water inlet valve. If this is really the reason, then you can only adjust the position of the water inlet valve. Note that after the adjustment, check if the float ball will move up and down freely. Don’t get it stuck.


Toilet water-saving method

Put a plastic bottle in the toilet tank. Every day it will automatically help you clean the toilet, so that the toilet is neither dirty nor smelly, but also saves water.

Prepare: a plastic bottle, toilet bowl cleaner, water.

Step 1: Pour 1/5 of toilet bowl cleaner into the plastic bottle.

Step 2: Pour in water and shake it to make it mix well.

Step 3: Use a soldering iron to drill several small holes in the bottom of the plastic bottle.

Step 4: Open the lid of the toilet tank, then put the plastic bottle into the tank vertically. This way, every time you flush the toilet, the solution in the bottle can flow out when it is under pressure. Every time you flush the toilet, the solution will play a role.

Principle: Toilets use the siphon principle to flush the toilet. Each flush actually uses less than a full tank of water. And the bottle is placed inside the tank, the volume of the bottle also occupies part of it, and it does not affect the toilet at all. Day by day, you can also save a lot of water bills.


Toilet bowl inner wall cleaning

Step 1: Sprinkle baking soda on the inside of the toilet bowl and let it sit for half an hour before pouring white vinegar. Baking soda has a very strong stain removal ability. Like these urine stains, rust stains can be removed.

Step 2: After pouring white vinegar, let it stand for about 15 minutes, then you will see the baking soda and white vinegar mix to produce foam.

Step 3: We take the toilet brush to brush the inner wall of the toilet, you will find that the yellow layer of dirt attached to it can be easily washed off, very clean.



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