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18 Beautiful Bathroom Design! This Is The Bathroom, The One At Your Home Is Just A Toilet!

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When decorating, rarely will take the effort to do the design of the bathroom. In fact, think about some changes in the spelling of tiles, or some changes in color, you will be able to make the bathroom become very special!

1, Cement powder light + black and white tiles, both retro and avant-garde!

Retro sense of black and white with the seemingly never recede from the popular day. Using the rustic qualities of cement 3 light, it will keep the vertical horizontal lines of the space architecture. The black and white square tiles decorate the mirror frame and the floor. The retro look has a unique and quirky touch.

Cement with the popular flower tiles, rustic with a retro atmosphere, which makes the space more rich.

2, Right-angle tile paste method used to create the bathroom of the protagonist of the American drama

The method of pasting long tiles perpendicular to each other, which has the effect of modifying the height of the bathroom. Simple tones and sharp lines, also quite like the main character in the bathroom space exclusive to the American drama.

3, Refreshing small blue square

Simple small squares are used by many bathroom designers who love the tile performance. From the wall to the ground, there will be different shades of small blue square tiles staggered arrangement, with the visual effect of space magnification.

4、Imitation of the old wood tile painted with color

If you also like the warm texture brought by the wooden ground, why not consider laying the ground in the bathroom with wood grain tiles! You can also paste the imitation of the old colored wood grain tiles outside the bathtub. Such a color match makes the mood of the bath more pleasant and colorful!

5, Patchwork tiles with this method, you can make the bathroom space instantly become three-dimensional!

The hexagon is divided into 3 diamond-shaped squares, using different shades of gray scale shades. In the visual composition of three-dimensional sense, quite modern style!

6, The bathroom can also be very artistic, the use of flower tiles

Like tiles? Trendy flower tiles spread from the wall to the ground at will. Complex and fascinating patterns outline the mysterious and elegant flavor, so that the bathroom space can also have a unique artistic beauty!

7, Rough red brick wall let the bathroom more personality



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