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Be Careful Not To Be Stunned! 12 Bathroom Decoration Effects

Bathroom Business School

White is clean and generous, the best choice for the bathroom. So in addition to white, what other colors can show the bathroom transparent and clean? The following bathroom decoration effects for your consideration, I hope to give you some inspiration.

Design focus: powerful storage function

Editor’s comment: L-shaped sink does not waste any space location, storage and display functions to the extreme. And white as the main color, clean and generous, space comfort multiplied.

Design focus: High pendant light design

Editor’s comment: The unique shape of the elongated chandelier is not only unique. It has a bright color and the ability to raise the visual effect of the space. One left and one right, which can increase the symmetrical beauty of the space, is really a highlight of the living room.

Design focus: lattice pattern of the wall

Editor’s comment: green lattice tiles decorate the walls. It can liven up the space and inject vitality into it. It follows the Nordic minimalist style to show a fresh and natural bathroom. Besides, it also harmonizes with the window with leaf pattern to enhance the harmonious beauty of the space.

Design focus: Wet and dry partition + mirror design

Editor’s comment: The space adopts the design of transparent glass wall and half partition for wet and dry partition, showing the role of one space and two functions. It makes the space feel lighter and more transparent, and is extremely practical! At the same time large mirrors are available for the owner to use, which in turn extends the bathroom counter space. This can be described as the perfect presentation of practicality and beauty.

Design focus: wet and dry partition

Editor’s comment: The designer used wall partition to save space. Wet and dry partition, highlighting the practicality. The addition of glass door makes the space texture lighter and improves the space style. The mirror is installed opposite the window, which can well reflect the light coming in from the window and increase the light effect of the space.

Design focus: glass elements + wet and dry partition

Editor’s comment: The designer uses glass doors for wet and dry partitioning, which is clean and clear and interspersed with wisps of hazy beauty. The sense of romance soars, and the texture of the space is lighter, a truly wonderful move!

Design focus: washbasin design

Editor’s comment: The vacant washstand brings lightness to space. Can be stored and displayed at the bottom of the chair, so as not to occupy the space and practical and beautiful. And the straw next to the wooden chair is more space highlights, modern beauty with a country atmosphere.

Design focus: gray wood decoration shows substantial

Editor’s comment: gray wood decoration of the back wall and storage cabinets make the bathroom space more heavy texture, and a harmonious transition with the wooden floor. The lines of the walls make the overall space more sense of lines and layers.

Design focus: high and low hanging rod design

Editor’s comment: The wide hanging rod space is convenient for the storage of clothes and towels. The high and low design also suits the height of both shower and soaking bath. The low-cost shower curtain divider effectively protects the privacy and does not hinder access to items.

Design Focus: Embossed textured back wall

Editor’s comment: embossed texture of the back wall allows the bathroom space is full of beauty and artistic taste, and the mosaic decoration of the back wall and the clever combination of flooring is to make the space exudes a unique charm.

Design focus: partitioning of glass sliding doors

Editor’s comment: glass sliding door design saves space and costs. While effectively dry and wet partitioning, it also enhances the texture of the bathroom space, which is very practical.

Design focus: double storage

Editor’s comment: separation of washbasin and storage cabinets, creates a double layer of storage space for the bathroom. Placement of items is more convenient. The sink handle next to the bidet can be placed on the hand towel, a very thoughtful design.



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