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Upgrade The Bathroom Cabinets, Bathroom Things Are No Longer Afraid!

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Only a few square meters of the bathroom inches, but is the most frequently used place at home. “Although the sparrow is small, all the organs are complete.” Several members of a family shower, brush their teeth, wash their faces and use the toilet here. Various toiletries, bottles and jars also occupy almost most of the bathroom cabinets.

However, this bathroom cabinet is a source of pain for many people.

  1. At the time of new house renovation, even buying a bathroom cabinet is difficult to escape the domination of parents aesthetics. The style is very outdated.
  2. I just used the bathroom cabinet for more than a year, it appeared to mold deformation. Now directly “retired”. Is the bathroom cabinet is a year a change?
  3. The bathroom cabinet is too small not enough to install. Combs, skincare products, hairdryers everywhere, simply a mess.

The style is old-fashioned, easy to mold and deformation, storage space is small. Want to say goodbye to these pains?

Follow the pace of small, upgrade your home bathroom cabinet!

  1. Bathroom cabinets have millions of styles, but you can not like any style. According to the home decoration style, choose the right one for you, so that the match is not abrupt.
  2. Wall-mounted bathroom cabinets save space, suitable for small bathrooms. Floor bathroom cabinets occupy a large area, more suitable for large bathrooms.
  3. Bathroom cabinets should take into account the beauty and durability. Different materials, prices and durability are different. Selection, consider the budget before buying.
  4. Do a good job of bathroom cabinet storage. Remember that the mirror cabinet store easy moisture and commonly used items. Floor cabinets to store moisture-resistant and relatively heavy items.


Bathrooms also have a variety of looks

In this era of looking at the appearance, most home renovations have said goodbye to the monotonous big white walls. The bathroom cabinet is the appearance of the 21st-century bathroom play, but also long ago is not the bathroom cabinet. It has a minimalist model of the Scandinavian system, an elegant and dignified light luxury system, elegant Chinese style.

No matter which style, it can be the icing on the cake for your bathroom.

For those who like Japanese style, the wooden bathroom cabinet in original wood color is a must-have. The original wood color texture, with faux wood-grain flooring, creates a bathroom atmosphere of being in the woods and nature. Spacious large drawers provide plenty of storage space so that the countertop remains clean and tidy. No bottles or jars to decorate, the beauty of the whole space goes straight up!

Replicate the classic gray of the fashion world to the bathroom cabinet, the bathroom can also be mixed with a sense of high fashion blockbuster. Gray-brown cabinet, emitting a light luxury high-profile atmosphere. High cabinet leg design, lengthening the overall sense of line, simple but not lose style. Together with the gray tone cement texture of the wall, the whole space looks senior and deep. Wouldn’t it be nice to wash away the day’s fatigue here at night and let the fidgety emotions be comforted?

The 21st-century bathroom cabinet can be on the ground, but also against the wall. For example, the above minimalist wall-mounted bathroom cabinet. Split drawer design, the clever use of wall space to enhance the storage function. The fusion of iron metal, marble, and solid wood three net elements achieve the artistic combination of wood and iron. With a long mirror to create a sense of transparency, even if installed into a small bathroom, there are a few visual effects to expand the space.


How to pick a practical and high-quality bathroom cabinet?

After looking at the above full of value of these bathroom cabinets, how can not be impressed? However, when buying bathroom cabinets, it is not enough to see the appearance. The key must also see enough practical. How to pick a bathroom cabinet that is beautiful and strong both inside and outside? Attention, a lot of information ahead! Quickly take out a small book to record.

Wall-mounted or floor-mounted

Many people think that the bathroom cabinet is just a place to wash. No matter what it looks like, as long as it does not look ugly, just install one in the bathroom. For different installation methods of bathroom cabinets, if installed into an inappropriate bathroom, then its function will be greatly reduced.


the bottom of this bathroom cabinet is designed to be suspended. It is separating the cabinet from the floor. This can effectively spread the moisture and moisture, to avoid moisture invasion of the cabinet, extending the use of the bathroom cabinet time. And it has no sanitary corners, cleaning up is easy. The most important thing is that it is more space-saving and suitable for small square meter bathrooms. But be aware that not all walls can withstand the weight of the bathroom cabinet. To hang it securely on the wall, the installation of the wall can only be a load-bearing wall.


Floor-to-ceiling bathroom cabinets are easy to install. It has no requirements for the wall, just put it anywhere. But because the bathroom is always very wet, especially not wet and dry separation, the bottom of the bathroom cabinet will often be in close contact with water, easy to moisture and mold. This time you have to choose a double-sided waterproof layer of the floor bathroom cabinet, to protect the cabinet. At the same time, it is larger than the wall-hung, more suitable for spacious bathrooms.


So many different materials, which one to choose?

Bathroom cabinets are subjected to fog and wash water stains every day, mold cracking and other problems will come. Do not want to have to change a new bathroom cabinet in less than two years after installation. Bathroom cabinet material will have to be durable enough to do.

Bathroom cabinets commonly used materials are PVC, stainless steel, solid wood and multi-layer board, particleboard, and other plate types. Which waterproof moisture strength is stronger? Which material is more durable? Please see below.

PVC bathroom cabinets.

It is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the raw material, which is waterproof and strong. It is not easy to be moldy because of moisture. It is durable and affordable. However, it is not resistant to high temperatures and has poor load-bearing capacity.

Stainless steel bathroom cabinet.

Made of stainless steel plate material processing, the appearance of a strong sense of metal. In fact, there is a very good wear resistance and moisture resistance. But the cabinet is thin, the style is relatively simple, and the surface is easy to be corroded and scratched.

Solid wood bathroom cabinets.

The texture of natural and simple can enhance the style of space. It has certain waterproof and anti-corrosion properties. But for a long time in a humid environment, it may be cracked and deformed and needs good daily maintenance work. Because the raw material is solid wood, so the price will also be higher than other materials.

Other panel-type bathroom cabinets.

Some bathroom cabinet materials are density board, multi-layer board, particleboard and other types of panels as the base material. After using the wooden veneer board as a whole paste, the surface is coated with waterproof paint. However, due to the production process and the impact of gluing materials may appear cracking phenomenon, affecting the waterproof effect.

Each of the four types of panels seems to have its own advantages and disadvantages, so raise your hand and ask.

At the end, which material to buy? I suggest that, in the case of a sufficient budget, you can choose the texture of better solid wood bathroom cabinets. Solid wood bathroom cabinets, although the moisture resistance is lower than PVC and stainless steel material, can be protected by waterproofing such as painting wood to improve its moisture resistance. If you have a tight budget, you can choose the price of other affordable bathroom cabinets and PVC bathroom cabinets. Stainless steel bathroom cabinets have strength though. But it is a simple style, and friends who value the appearance should choose other types of bathroom cabinets.


Bathroom cabinets to achieve 100% utilization

“My home bathroom cabinet is obviously very large, but still can not avoid the chaotic situation of bottles and cans are piled on the sink counter. I feel like I bought a fake bathroom cabinet.”

This friend, it is not your bathroom cabinet can not fit, but your storage is not the right way to open.

The storage space of the bathroom cabinet generally has three places: a mirror cabinet, countertop, floor cabinet. The bathroom cabinet is the washroom area at home. This is where you brush your teeth, wash your face and hands, so it will be relatively humid underneath. Storage can be recognized when the “dry on the wet” principle.

Mirror cabinets.

Mirror cabinet space is small, storage capacity is limited. It’s the best place to put lightweight, moisture-prone things like skincare products. Mirror cabinets have layers, do not forget to put the upper layer of infrequently used items, the lower layer of commonly used items, so that it is convenient to take.


Bathroom cabinets in small bathrooms often have small countertops. The entire countertop is almost filled by the basin. Storage space is almost 0, can only put hand soap, aromatherapy, etc. But don’t worry, the wall-mounted on the non-perforated shelf box can easily handle it. This does not damage the wall, but also can increase storage space. Even if there are more toiletries, there is no fear of nowhere to put them.

Of course, if your bathroom cabinet countertop is large enough, then you can make great use of it, put toothpaste, toothbrushes, mugs on it. When you brush your teeth in the morning, things are within reach.

Floor cabinets.

Floor cabinets are low and humid, so they are suitable for heavier things and bulky items, such as large bottles of detergent, laundry detergent, water basins, etc. Some floor cabinets do not have multiple drawers. Once the cabinet door is opened, there is a drain inside. The storage space is very unorganized. If you want to make full use of the space, put the storage box on top. Use the storage box for classification and storage, so you can put at least a few dozen small things.  With tiered shelves, the floor cabinet space can be put to good use.

I have something to say: want to let the bathroom cabinet stay with you for a long time, choosing a useful and good-looking bathroom cabinet is certainly very important. But also to do a good job of wet and dry separation in the bathroom. Try to reduce the humidity of the air in the washroom area, to extend the use of bathroom cabinets time.



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