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Faucet – keep in good repair

Faucet is mainly composed of a handle, a cartridge and an inlet braided tube, and some small parts for installation. The cartridge is the main component for adjusting the water temperature, and the cartridge is mostly made of ceramic, brass or stainless steel. The bottom of the cartridge has three holes, the left one to control the ingress and egress of cold water, the right one to control the entry of hot water, and the middle one to control the water inside the spool. In order to ensure the accuracy of adjusting the water temperature, the left and right two holes of the hot and cold water faucet cartridge are sealed. The cartridge controls the temperature of the water by turning the two holes closed and opened.

The tips of keeping the faucet in good repair

  1. When the gas temperature is lower than zero, if the handle of the faucet is found to be abnormal, the faucet must be sprayed with hot water to the normal temperature before you use it. Otherwise, it will affect the service life of the faucet cartridge.
  2. It is the normal phenomenon that the dripping phenomenon will occur after the faucet is closed. It is because the inner faucet is still filled with water after the faucet is closed. If the situation of dripping occurs for more than ten minutes, it must leakage problem, indicating that the product exist quality problems.
  3. Due to the trace amount of carbonate in the water, it is easy to produce scale on the surface of the metal to corrode the surface of the faucet, which will affect the cleaning and service life of the faucet. Therefore, you should often use a soft cotton cloth or sponge with neutral soap to wipe the surface of the faucet, and then dry the surface with a soft cloth. (Attention: do not use corrosive or acidic cloth or sponge to wipe) In addition, it cannot use the cloth with wire clusters or hard particles, and do not hit the faucet by hard object so as to damage the faucet surface.
  4. Do not force the faucet to switch, and turn it gently. Even a traditional faucet does not require a lot of effort to close it. Do not use the handle as a handrail to prop up yourself. Many people are accustomed to making some efforts to close the faucet after using it, which is very undesirable. This will not prevent leakage, but will cause damage to the sealing valve, so that it will lead to the leakage problem.

The tips of installing faucet

  1. Before installation, it is necessary to flush the faucet to clean the sediment impurities in the pipe, remove the impurities in the installation hole, and check that the parts in the packing box are not mixed with impurities, so as to avoid clogging or wearing the ceramic cartridge.
  2. When connecting water pipes, remember that the left hose connects hot water and the right hose connects cold water.
  3. When installing the single-hole basin faucet, it must select a special angle valve, and the angle valve must be fixed with the hot and cold water pipe. When there is a distance between the angle valve and the water pipe of the faucet, it must purchase a special extension pipe to connect. Remember that you must not use other type of water pipes to connect. If the water pressure is too large, it is easy to fall off the pipe and lead to leakage.
  4. When installing the conceal shower faucet, the cartridge of the faucet should be embedded in the wall. Before embedding, you should be paid attention to the thickness of the wall of the bathroom. If the wall is too thin, the cartridge will not be embedded. The plastic protective cover of the cartridge should not be removed during embedding, so as to avoid damage to the cartridge by cement and other miscellaneous. In addition, you also be paid attention to the direction of the cartridge.

Product information

  • Product Name:Brass basin faucet
  • Model Number:8211A0LWC
  • Faucet Mount:Single Hole
  • Material:Brass body, Zinc handle, Ceramic cartridge, Single Handle
  • Surface Finishing:Polished
  • Service:Laser mark, ODM/OEM
  • Brand Name:VIGA
  • Quality Guarantee:5 years